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Tuesday Morning Tutorial and Invitation~ May 21, 2013

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Good morning!

I’m so excited that Love My Art Jewelry just posted the invitation to their 3rd Boot Camp.

I’ve participated in their first two and had a fantastic time of learning and fun.

This one is all about wire work!

If you have never tried this before or even if you are a veteran at working with wire,

do go check it out.

This group of artisans provide inspiration, tutorials and encouragement

to stretch your jewelry making repetoire by adding some new skills

or looking at new ways to apply ones you may have already  mastered.

 Their first post also includes a tutorial on the traditional method of rustic wire wrapped briolettes.

I have posted before my struggles with neatly wire wrapping these types of stones and beads,

so I’m going to post a little tutorial here with an alternative way to do this

that I have found suits me better.

 This is NOT my discovery…but in searching for some help, I came across someone else’s tutorial.

Sadly I don’t know whose, but will continue to search out the original and amend this post.

If you know who might have posted this first, I’d be grateful for a name.

 I am indebted to this creative soul for helping me get more comfortable with wrapping up brios,

because they are beautiful additions to jewelry when done well.

That said, this style of rustic wraps is a favorite of mine for two reasons…

First, they don’t have to be perfect!  In fact, imperfect if perfectly wonderful!

Secondly, I absolutely love the effect of oxidizing both copper and sterling wire

with all the interesting nooks and crannies in the wrapping.

This is only my second photo tutorial, so thanks for bearing with me.

For this tutorial, I used an inexpensive faceted glass briolette and 22 gauge copper wire.

Supplies and tools needed:

large briolette

dead soft wire that comfortable fits through the brio holes


    round nose pliers

   chain nose pliers

step 1

Step One:  Cut an 18 inch piece of wire and make a wrapped loop on one end with only two wire wraps.

(note:  If you are making earrings, I’d highly recommend doing them at the same time,step by step.

I’ve found that I have better luck achieving more similarity in the pair of briolettes when I do this.

Actually, this is great advice when making anything in pairs or multiples.)

step 2

Step Two: Insert the wire into the briolette and

bend the loop to sit just above the very top of the brio.

step 3

Step Three:  With your fingers or pliers bend the loop to ‘sit’ upright on the top of the brio.

step 4

Step Four:  Bend the wire end up to cross the wrapped loop.

(note: you could finish the wrap up here and have a simple wire wrapped briolette)

step 5

Step Five:  Begin wire wrapping down the brio and stop when the wire covers the side holes.

These wraps do not need to be perfect, but serve as an under layer, covering the brio.

step 6

Step Six:  Now, the fun part! Begin loosely wrapping the wire back up the brio,

criss-crossing a few is great. Finish with a tight wrapping up under the top loop.

step 7

Step Seven:  Oxidizing with Liver of Sulphur or some other agent is optional,

but I promise you that it will give an amazing finish to this style of wire wrapped bead.

These are the finished pair of earrings with a dark oxidized finish on the copper wire.

blue wraps


If any of you decide to give this tut a try, I’d love to have some feedback…

was it helpful or not, too much or too little info, something needs more clarity???

 Or anything else you’d like to tell me, I’d be ever so grateful!

Again, I’d love it if you all hopped on over to the Love My Art Jewelry blog

and checked out their post on this great opportunity to learn more about the art of wire work!

They will be posting some great lessons and techniques over the next month or so.


36 Responses to “Tuesday Morning Tutorial and Invitation~”

  1. Peggy Says:

    Great post and tut. I’ve had difficulty wire wrapping a brio and I look forward to trying the method you posted. Thanks again 🙂

  2. Susan F. Says:

    I wrap stones in the same manner and find it so much easier. Thanks for posting your tutorial so that even more people can learn the “trick”!

  3. mtrudinger Says:

    I’ll be trying this one, need to master this particular technique! Thanks!

  4. I have never seen a brio wrapped “this way”! It loks so much easier and I will definetly be trying this! Thanks so muchfor the tut!!!!!

    • Hi, Patti…this worked so much better for me. I just couldn’t seem to get reliable results the other way. Hope you’ll come back and let me know how this tutorial worked for you.

  5. Great tutorial! Very clear but not too fussy. You’ve got San Diego light on your side – I’m jealous!

  6. Lovely tut looks much simpler than the other way, will give it a go as mine often end up lopsided! Ha ha!! Elaine ChatElaine<3

  7. Karen Bugler Says:

    Excellent tut!!!! No changes needed. With others I sometimes end up scratching my head and going over the same step until I give up. . . not with yours though. Your design is wondrously eye-catching. Thanks!!

  8. I absolutely love your tutorial, it was excellent and so helpful. Can’t wait to try it.

  9. Tala Says:

    Your method looks to be a breeze! I love the loose criss-cross. I believe this will let me be more confident in working with briolettes.

    • Welcome! Thanks for stopping by today. I have found this technique to be life-changing…well, not exactly life changing, but life easier. Jewelry-wise. Do please let me know how it works for you after you give it a try. I’d love to know.

  10. Lin Gillies Says:

    I’m just starting to do wire wrapping and so very excited to come across your site. I just love your style so I am looking forward to making some beautiful earrings.

  11. Elena hecht Says:

    I think this work wonders when trying to wrap a brio that’s got tiny holes and you have to hold onto the wires where they cross. I’m trying it out later. Thanks for the interesting tip.

  12. Phyllis Searls Says:


  13. Phyllis Searls Says:

    Great tutorial. I always struggle with briolettes.

  14. evangelinetreichel Says:

    At his tutorial looks awesome and so much easier. I too am a retiree that recently started a jewelry business in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Evangeline’s Jewelry Collection.

  15. evangelinetreichel Says:

    Sorry that should be This tutorial looks awesome! Haven’t had my coffee yet:)

  16. Laura Woods Says:

    This method is by far the easiest for wrapping a briolette & I thank you for providing a length to start with too because most other posts leave me guessing and I find it difficult to wrap with a package or big coil of wire hanging off the end! Do you do your oxidizing at the end or prior to wrapping? I’m wondering if the stones hold up okay when applied after. I typically use liver of sulfur. Thank you again! I’ll be checking out your other tutorials ;o)

    • Morning, Laura! Thanks for stopping by and it makes me very happy to hear that this tutorial has been helpful. I have oxidized both before and after wrapping up stones and beads. You’d definitely want to Oxy wire prior to wrapping pearls, turquoise and other porous stones. Glass beads generally take LOS very well. I have started to oxidizing whole spools of copper at once. Just to make it easy. I either use it blackened and leave it, or polish after wrapping to bring out the highlights of the wire. Or I’ve also cut off a length of wire and run 0000 steel wool down the length a few times before using in jewelry. It’s all fun! Hope this answers your questions and gets you started with this technique.

  17. Denise Kaiser Says:

    I thought this was an excellent idea. I will give this a try thanks for the information. The step by steps were easy to follow so thank you for that too.

  18. Lynn Rumph Says:

    Really great tutorial. Thank you so much!

  19. Jenny Weddle Says:

    Great different way to wire wrap these tricky stones and glass! Loved your lesson! I have lots to practice on now! Very clear explanation and very much appreciated!

  20. Karen Rhein Says:

    Thanks, I have struggled for years. Great tutorial.

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