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Quick Post for a Fun Blog Hop May 28, 2013

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This is a quick invitation to come back by here this Saturday, June 1st,

for a fun Blog Hop all about ANKLETS!

Hosted by Kashmira Patel of Sadafulee.

Meantime, to whet your appetite and provide some eye candy…

no, wait…foot candy…check out what Pinterest has on this topic.

Here are just a few to get you started thinking…

6005c2a38493fe1e9bd2e39a4682920e bdf5f29013bb09c4505d8330f4c93da7 8ff1ee00c1c367df48da838cb48f7f12

Okay, what I’m thinking is that it’s time for that pedicure…


9 Responses to “Quick Post for a Fun Blog Hop”

  1. Diane Says:

    In my opinion, Indian women REALLY know how to do an anklet!

  2. Kathy Zee Says:

    I may add anklets to my jewelry line. Love these…

  3. Says:

    Linda! We will be coming to San Diego tomorrow, 29 May. Steve will be at the fairgrounds on the first, doing orientation, but I’ll try to come by with my sister. No promises. If I don’t make it — or even if I do — we should plan to get together while we’re in the area. First week of June is always good, as Steve is only working part days at the fair. After that, it would have to be on a Monday — Steve’s only day off. Give our best to Glenn, hope to see you soon! Your blog is one of only two I follow, and it has brightened up my year considerably. Beth Hagman


  4. Kashmira Says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Lynda 🙂 Am looking forward to next Saturday 🙂

    PS: It seems you got my store name a teeny bit wrong..its Sadafulee 🙂

  5. sandy terrell Says:

    I ran into Glenn a while back and have been looking at you website. yummy things! I saw Beth Hagman’s post and wondered it you saw the Hagmans this summer? My son and Cody were great friends at Oak Park. I worked w/ Glenn and Steve. Sandy

    • Hi, Sandy! Just saw your comment this morning. Of course, I remember you…and yes, we had a great visit with Beth and Steve last week and got to hear about their lovely life in Ireland. They are here for a about a month while Steve works at the county fair. Thanks for letting me know you are following my jewelry adventures.

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