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Rustic and Refined…Kashmira’s Anklet Blog Hop is Here! June 1, 2013

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Congratulations to Kashmira Patel of Sadafulee jewelry on hosting her very first blog hop!

And it’s all about anklets…just in time for summer, too.

Designing anklets is not as easy as it looks. It’s not necessarily just longer bracelets on your foot.

 Feet have a bit different topography, so to speak, from one’s wrist and hand.

So this was a fun challenge for me to take on.

 I decided to go with a contrast of designs here.

These can be fun accessories for your sandaled or bare feet

at the beach or fancy parties this summer!

The first one is a rustic look with braided leather, pewter button, and stone danglie bit.

A bonus with this one…one daughter preferred to wrap it 5 times around her wrist.

Another awesome look!

rustic anklet

rustic 2

And what would I be wearing with this anklet??  (a little Polyvore fun):

rustic set

For the more refined and delicate look, I went with some gold scalloped chain

embellished with gold daisy spacers and pretty glass beads.

The beads were soooo sparkly in the sunlight!

refined anklet

sara anklet

No shoes in this Polyvore set…just bare feet and the sparkly anklet peeking out.

Refined set

This last anklet is the only one I already had in my personal jewelry stash.

I made it a few years ago to wear on a memorable Kauai vacation.

And I’m keeping it in hopes of returning there someday soon.

Kuaui anklet

Thanks for the fun, Kashmira!

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40 Responses to “Rustic and Refined…Kashmira’s Anklet Blog Hop is Here!”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Oh love all of those ! Great work 🙂

  2. Mimi Says:

    All beautiful designs, but I totally LOVE the braided leather! Wrap bracelets are one of my favories, and never thought to make one for my ankle…off to my studio I go! 🙂

  3. Tammie Everly Says:

    Nice pieces, I especially like the first with the leather layers… Very cool. I like your polyvore sets too

  4. Monique U Says:

    Really lovely, Lynda, I especially love how you used the curved components in #2 to create the gentle wavy look!

  5. roxidesigns Says:

    Hi! I love the second one with the glass beads and would wear it right now! Great job 🙂

  6. Oh Lynda – I love these!! Especially the leather one – that one is awesome. And, it’s cool that it can double as a wrap bracelet as well. The gold one is super classy and your Kauai one,…perfect!! Hope you return some day and are able to wear it there again!

  7. I love that wrap anklet. It is so rustic and gorgeous looking. Just my style. Love the more delicate one too. Great job on all three.

  8. Cheri Reed Says:

    I really love the leather wrap anklet, your other designs are great too, but the leather is my favorite!

  9. Kay Says:

    Very pretty. I like that you can wear the leather one as either an anklet or bracelet and that it’s more than just one pass around the ankle. And I really like that scalloped chain in the second one with all the dangles. Very nice.

  10. Ginger B. Says:

    I hate to follow the crowd, but the leather is my favorite also. Well, second to the one you had from your vacation. Love the outfit you assembled for the 2nd one too.

  11. Kashmira Says:

    I’m going to agree with everyone and vote for the leather one as my favorite! Love everything about it…the beads, the button, the colors, the foot 😉 In the gold one, the little daisy bits are my favorite components 🙂

    Thanks for joining, Lynda, glad you had fun!

  12. Karla Morgan Says:

    Outstanding! Love that wrapped leather anklet! I actually liked all three so it was very hard to choose a fav. They are all so different. I could see the last one on the beach in Kauai too. 🙂 Have a great vacation!

  13. Michelle Says:

    I love them all, but that last one is gorgeous… Great job..

  14. Gina Hockett Says:

    I like them all, but the leather one was my favorite! Great idea!

  15. Oh these are just wonderful! I simply love, love, love that first leather one. wow. But all three are awesome and absolutely ones I would wear!

  16. Susan F. Says:

    I love your anklet designs and here’s to hoping that you get back to Kauai sooner rather than later!

  17. Oh what fun! I love the sparkle of the second I can just imagine it in the sand sparling away – I am in serious need of a beach vacation now… if only I could rock that outfit too. Great post

  18. Dyanne Says:

    What fun designs!! I also enjoyed the Polyvore pics too. I couldn’t figure out how to post Polyvore on my blog. I thoroughly enjoyed this hop!!

    • Thanks, Dyanne! I had to fiddle around a bit to get the Polyvore into the blog post….and honestly don’t know what finally worked. And totally agree with you on this fun blog hop.

  19. I’m a teacher turned jewelry designer too! 🙂 Love your anklets, Lynda! The braided with pewter button — so cool & fun. And the pretty curved silver links make a gorgeous anklet — very smart & lovely! The Kauai is beautiful too! Hope you do wear it there as you visit again 😉 Enjoy wearing your pretty anklets this summer!

  20. TNine Design Says:

    Hi Lynda,

    I just love getting your emails and you have totally inspired me to get busy on my blog (I have never really understood blogging). But I feel closer to jumping in since seeing yours. I think a good jumping off for me would be to join a blog hop and I am hoping you might give me some direction on getting into one. You are the only jewelry blogger that I follow regularly so I don’t know when one is starting. Can you send me an invite or something when you know of another one?

    Thanks, Terri

    • Hello, Terri!
      I’ll definitely try to remember to shoot you an email with a link to blog hops I come across. There is such a wide and wonderful variety to choose from.
      I just posted about one yesterday that is happening at the end of the month with Art Bead Scene. I would definitely recommend taking a closer look at their challenges that involve fine art as inspiration. They host one every month, so it’s a good way to dip your toe into the blog hopping pool…both in a creative sense and in practicing with your blogging skills. Double bonus!!
      Thanks for your support!

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