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Library Outreach June 8, 2013

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Our local library branch offers so many community outreach programs…

besides the venerable preschool story time…

they offer literacy  and computer classes, yoga, needle work class, anime club, mystery book club,

and I love this one…Paws to Read with Buddy (a friendly Schnauzer).

What kid wouldn’t love reading to a furry friend!

There are so many more.

For several years now, one of the librarians has organized a jewelry making class.

To fund this twice monthly offering, she receives a small amount of money

from the library’s used book store to purchase tools, beads, and findings.

Dianne also donates her time scouring bead stores and the internet

for the best deals on beads to stretch this money.

About 20-25 folks have a grand time sharing ideas, learning how to create wonderful jewelry, and socialize.

At no cost to them!

 At the end of the month, the library will host its annual tribute to the Fourth of July,

with an Old Fashioned Independence Day Festival for the community.

Music, Food, Games, Crafts, Half-Price Book Sale, and more…

The jewelry class will be selling some of their pieces as a fundraiser for more class supplies.

If you live in the San Diego area, do come out and support the wonderful outreach of the Rancho San Diego library.

 Saturday, June 29th, from 11:00-2:00.

At the most recent session, one of the ladies brought in some sweet bamboo tiles.

We were ooohing and aaahing over these.

And she said that they were originally from a place mat she bought and took apart,

but thought they might be repurposed into jewelry.  How cool is this!



(Found this place mat on line at Amazon..set of 4 for under $16. That’s a ton of tiles!)


A few of us took some to experiment with.

 I decided to stamp these and make some simple pendant necklaces for the jewelry sale.

bamboo tiles

bamboo tile 2

 Also finished another copper link set I started yesterday with some of the pretty beads Dianne had for us.

This set will also be donated for the fundraiser.

library necklace set




10 Responses to “Library Outreach”

  1. Kathy Zee Says:

    Everything you make is so cool…Love the stamped ones…How did you put the bamboo together? Can you show the back of it? I LOVE these. You are so talented.

    • Hi, Kathy! Thanks! I can’t take credit of ‘creating’ the tiles. The back looks just like the front (minus the stamped design). I did add some more info to the post about where to buy the tiled place mats if you want to try some of these pendant style necklaces. Each tile has a double hole drilled length wise.

  2. Diane Says:

    Unfortunately, my local library kind of stinks. The one where I grew up was really great, not only for kids, but they had a lot of adult activities as well. But here, they are even kind of lacking in books, although they are very good about doing inter-library loans. They have a summer reading program for kids, but even that is kind of lacking. I remember fondly my summer reading programs growing up so when it was time to take my son to his first one, I had to hide my disappointment. He was excited that first year because he started reading so young and there were so many older kids there that it made him feel special, but he never wanted to do it after that. I didn’t blame him. I guess that’s one of the trade offs for living in such a rural place…..but it sure is beautiful here!

    • Sorry to hear that the one in your area isn’t what you grew up with.
      too have fond memories of my childhood library…which was actually a book mobile, because we didn’t have a library close by.
      So excited waiting in line for my turn to step aboard the bus!

  3. It’s so cool that you have a twice monthly jewelry making class…that rocks! I’m a librarian so it makes my heart happy to hear that you have such a fabulous library with great programming for all ages. Like Diane’s comment shows, not everyone is so lucky. I did a teen jewelry class with a coworker at all five our branches over spring break and I’m hoping to do another series in the fall but need to figure out a cool but easy project.

    P.S. Love what you did with those tiles!

    • Love hearing what you are up to at your libraries. I’m sure the jewelry class for teens was a big hit!
      Just a thought…would these tile pendant necklaces work for them? There are so many ways you jazz up the tiles.

      • They might work, Lynda…. what kind of stamping ink did you use? Wire work isn’t crazy easy, but it’s such a small piece that it might be manageable for me to do with them. Cost is always a factor too as you well know. The tools we bought are total garbage and that doesn’t help either, but we made do. 🙂

      • I used a permanent ink called StazOn. Dried quickly (could use a hair dryer), then I painted on a light coat of matte varnish. I’ve done a few workshops with teens too. Macrame beaded bracelets or triple wrapped memory wire bracelets with seed beads and pieces of rubber tubing also might be inexpensive options.

  4. James Burns Says:

    Love your work. I plan to attend Rancho San Diego in June. I will bring lots of beautiful sea glass to share.

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