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Homecoming… July 15, 2013

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Forgive me if I begin to ramble a bit in this post.

Since returning home from Ghana, I have starting writing this post a dozen times,

but always end up deleting it.

Just can’t seem to do justice to what we experienced in the small village of Kasei .

May be it’s the jet lag or maybe I just plain don’t have my thoughts processed and organized yet.

One truth for me is that the culture shock reentering the U.S. is much more difficult

than it is entering the culture of Ghana.

I am not naive enough to think that just because one lives in poverty, one is more saintly.

The truth is that for most of these Ghanaians, life is very hard

with little prospect of improving anytime soon.

But in my three visits to Ghana, I have experienced great generosity, genuine friendship,

and a faith community that is bold in their witness about  their dependence on a living God.

They evidence a profound joy that we see in their worship services that is above their circumstances.

I must admit by stark contrast, my Scotch Presbyterian worship style seems so formal and dull.

As for the ten youth who were part of the team…I have nothing but admiration for the way they boldly,

openly entered into all the experiences and activities available to them…

some planned, many impromptu.

Working in the schools demonstrating the uses of math manipulatives,

lap tops,  and big books we brought.

Spending a day in the various hospital departments, leading after school games and activities,

joining in a local youth gathering, leading worship songs in so many churches,

shadowing a high school student through their day, painting a pre-school classroom,

learning traditional games and dances,

and just hanging out with the many children who wanted to tell their stories to them.

My prayer for them is that God has not only focused their idea of missions,

but enlarged their idea of His kingdom.

I do know that seeds have been planted and the fruits that come from this are in His time.

Emmanuel Eye Clinic office, Accra

Pattern Blocks 2

Math games

Roll the Dice

Church service

Primary school greeting 2

Big Books 9

Dance Class

Drum Line

Happy Dance!

Fishing boats

Market Boys

Kasei Presby. Church

Finally, to those of you who expressed wishes and prayers for safe travel and good health

…a heartfelt thank you !


10 Responses to “Homecoming…”

  1. Monique U Says:

    What beautiful photos, Lynda! I am certain the experience, for the people on both sides of this visit, will have far-reaching positive consequences. The joy on all those faces says it all!

  2. Mitzie Says:

    I signed on to receive your blog because I like your jewelry designs. This is the first post I’ve received and what a surprise it was. Praise to God for your safe trip and life changing experiences. Praise to his holy name for working in the lives of those living in Ghana and those who went there to be his hands and feet. Thank you for sharing. I figured not everyone will comment in this way and wanted you to know that you’ve got a sister in Carrollton, TX who was blessed by God through your post. Thank you for making us freshly aware of the need in Ghana, and of God’s work.

  3. Tamara Says:

    That’s interesting, I was just visiting with a friend who splits his time doing missionary work in Nicaragua and running his business here, and he said the same thing about the way the people are. I’ve heard lots of his stories, and it really is a whole different world, and way of living, isn’t it? We have so much here, and yet are lacking in certain ways often.

    • Hi, Tamara! Your last remark strikes a deep cord in me. We tend to think of poverty only in terms of material possessions and money. But there are others…poverty in relationships, in spirit…and more, I sure.

  4. Nancy Says:

    Wow…looks like an amazing experience! I’m reading Khaled Hosseini’s, And The Mountains Echoed, and while reading your email, it reminded me of the book, and how others live such different lives than we do in the US. Hard for me to fathom it. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

  5. I’m happy to hear of your safe return from such a fulfilling and life-altering trip to Ghana. I was hoping you’d share pictures and it was so nice to see your group in action – teaching, singing, dancing and witnessing to the people. I can only imagine the memories you have stored in your heart – and in the lives of the many you touched. Thanks for sharing your amazing time in Ghana. So glad I stopped by today.

    • Always a pleasure to hear from you, Cindy. Glad you liked the photos ( I have about 600 more to edit). It too is my hope that this will be a life changing experience for these young people, who stand with one foot in childhood and one foot in adulthood. A perfect time for encouraging them in their faith journey.

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