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A Mailbox Surprise… July 21, 2013

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Early last week, I went out to check the mailbox and SURPRISE…

there was a largish box stuffed inside.

Like most people, my heart did a little leap at seeing a package addressed to me.

Upon opening (ripping into) it, I found two bubble wrapped bundles

and a type written letter from Northridge Publishing.

Hmmm… To my disappointment, the letter said regretfully, the company had decided

to discontinue their Bead Trends magazine

and was returning two pieces of jewelry of mine that were to be published this fall.

Big Bummer.

Getting some of my jewelry into a magazine was one of my two resolutions this year, so yes, I’m bummed.

I’d been keeping this a secret for weeks and weeks,

waiting to see them in gloriously-colored,  professionally photographed print.

 Oh, well…

Over all, this was a very positive experience, until the mailbox incident.

And funny, the hardest part of submitting the jewelry was coming up with names of the pieces.

I’m not one to attach names to my work.  Never felt very clever at it.

Mostly I just describe it… more like Copper and Carnelian Earrings…and not Sunset Serenade or Tequila Twist.

This bracelet became “Hooked on You”.

 Kind of catchy, don’t you think?

copper hook cuff

Struggled to a title for this necklace…I got nothing…

finally in desperation because of the submission deadline…”Drops in the Ocean”.

For no other reason that it reminded me of a tide pool.

barnacle 2

So here’s my question…do you title your jewelry pieces?

If so, what inspires you about the piece to come up with a name?  Do you think of it first?

In the middle of creating?  Or when you are finished?

 I’m really curious.  And a bit envious.


21 Responses to “A Mailbox Surprise…”

  1. Kathy Zee Says:

    I do name some of my pieces…don’t name all my pieces. Some just inspire me to give them a name. I name the piece AFTER it is done. I look at it, touch it, think about what it reminds me of. Some of the names I gave my necklaces are “Dreaming of You”, “Blue Lagoon”, Ritzy Glitzy Starfish and Cross of Peace. Others that i didn’t name are “yellow agate Gemstone necklace:, 3 piece goldstone necklace, and Pink Rhinestone Necklace. Sometimes when you don’t name them and just call them what they are, they are easily found on the internet when someone is for instance looking for a ‘yellow agate” necklace or a Pink Rhinestone…So to answer your question, yes I do sometimes name them and other times not. Guess i should be more consistent in this approach.

  2. Tamara Says:

    “Hooked on You” was a clever name – and I like the turquoise pieces on that bracelet. Keep trying other magazines now that you’re into the process.

    I do end up naming my pieces, or what I do even more frequently is name a collection. For instance, I named a collection of green lace pieces the “Tender Garden Collection” (which I may end up renaming, but that’s beside the point). I do the naming after they’re done usually, by looking at them and thinking. I’m a creative writer by nature, so that type of thing isn’t too hard for me usually. And I do think there is merit in a neat name – some people like to connect to that. But I know that for selling online, it’s all about description and tag words, not fancy names. So what I’m going to do there (I’m in the process of setting up an etsy shop, I think :)) is do the descriptive title first, then down in the write-up say that “This pair of earrings is part of the Tender Garden Collection”, etc.)

    • Hi, Tamara. You are certainly double blessed to be both creative with words and jewelry. I like your idea of a collection name…even gave it a whirl with some earrings made from flowered tins. Tin Botannicals. Had a nice ring to it, I think.

      • Tamara Says:

        Yes, I remember those earrings you made. They are a beautiful collection, and a great name. Naming collections is easier than naming all the individual pieces, if you work in collections.

  3. Alice Says:

    I’m sorry Bead Trends returned your pieces. At least it wasn’t because they didn’t fit their type. Both pieces are lovely and I especially like that bracelet! I do name all my pieces and show the name on the price tag. The customers love reading the names as much as looking at the jewelry. Most times the names come to me as the piece is being made, but some times I have to let it sit on the bead table for a few days and the name comes to me. I keep a tiny notebook in my purse and write down names as they come to me, which are then entered in an excel spreadsheet, but most times the piece reveals the name.

    • Hello, Alice! I can certainly see the attraction for the customer to read a bit of intimate information about each piece of jewelry. I’d love to know more about what the designer was thinking myself! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject.

  4. Diane Says:

    Even though the magazine will be no more so you won’t be published in this one, you were ACCEPTED into a magazine!!! For that, you deserve a big CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I don’t name my pieces. I don’t think I would be very good at it and I would probably end up holding on to too many for too long for lack of a name. However, I do like when people have good names for their pieces. I like the names you chose and the pieces are lovely. I grew up by the beach and have always loved playing in tide pools. I see why you named that necklace “Drops in the Ocean” and “Hooked on You” is quite clever.

    • I so appreciate your encouraging words, Diane! And yes, just being accepted was a bit of an ego boost, I must admit. I’m tickled that you got my references in the names of the jewelry, too.

  5. Monique U Says:

    I rarely name pieces, Lynda… though lately a few have received half-hearted attempts (usually pretty obvious and not that creative LOL). I remember seeing a website which generates novel titles which was quite hilarious… could work as jewelry titles. If I can find it again I’ll pass it on for your amusement!

    I have heard that the first submission to print is the most difficult, in which case you have already done the greater part. Don’t give up now!

  6. Nancy Says:

    I’m like Kathy Zee…. some yes, some no. I think your jewelry is fabulous and feel that if you continue to submit your pieces in magazines, you’ll get in many! LOVE your work!!

    • Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, Nancy! I’m sure I’ll be looking out for more opportunities to submit pieces. And try not to get my panties in a twist fussing over the names!

  7. Hi Lynda
    I always enjoy your work and you are very creative and artistic. Sometimes validation from your peers is nice but you are too good to need that. I am so in awe of you and your missions to impoverished
    countries. What a wonderful way to spend your retirement. I volunteer for the Cancer Society and that is not far from home. Keep up with posting on art scene and Lima beads cause we all love your things.
    Debra Freeland

  8. Sorry about your pieces not getting published after all… I know that so many folks are disappointed for the same reason. I applaud you for putting yourself out there and getting accepted!! One day I might get up the nerve to try.

    I pretty much only name things when I put them on Etsy or up on Lima Beads (because you have to)… or when I submit to something like the Vintaj challenges. It’s usually pretty difficult for me to come up with a name that makes sense and captures the feel of a piece. I totally feel your pain in that department.

  9. Morning, Sarajo,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s good sometimes to know that others are in the same boat, don’t you think? Maybe I’ll start a new blog for us called
    Name that Piece…where we can post photos of our jewelry and have others send in their name ideas! There seems to be many who are gifted that way.

  10. Susie Wyatt Says:

    Hi Lynda,

    First of all, congrats on being selected by Bead Trends for publishing! It’s a bit sad how that situation was handled by the publisher. I do think your work is beautiful, and you should consider submissions to other publications.

    I tend to name my pieces simply because they were inspired by something specific(and because you need to for LB). Otherwise, I would think listing the key compenents would do for a listing on Etsy, for example. I think it makes it easier to find on an internet search.

  11. sandi m Says:

    Publishing is a tough business these days – just look at the number of major newspapers and magazines and books that have gone by the wayside completely, or have stopped paper productions and have gone all digital. Looking at a bright computer screen is very hard on the eyes and you never experience the joy of touching and feeling the paper in your hands. Just not the same.
    Anyhow, yes, you should be Congratulated for being accepted. Just submit to the other jewelry mags. It is a wonderful feeling to see your work in print.
    To your naming question, no, I don’t name my pieces. Maybe if I sold online I would need to but for the selling I do a name isn’t going to sell the piece – customer likes it or doesn’t. I think the only time I had to come up with names was when, like you, I was published.
    Good luck with your future submissions!!

    • Sandi, very much in agreement with your observation on the state of printed materials. Even though I love my Kindle, I do miss turning pages of an honest-to-goodness book. And our daily newspaper has shrunk down to almost nothing these days. And thanks for your comments about naming jewelry…nice to know there are others who feel the same way. Just don’t get why it’s a must in publishing one’s work. Oh, well.

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