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Getting Unstuck August 10, 2013

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I’ve been at a somewhat of a stand still these past two weeks…

the jewelry maker’s version of writer’s block.

So yesterday I decided to spend some needed time

just cleaning up my work space.

Littles bits and pieces of past projects just left laying around.

 Decision time to either put them all away where they belong or toss ’em.

 And I came across a small dish of these discs

I had cut from Brighton Jewelry tins.

Just enough left to make an pair of colorful, retro earrings…

With hammered brass rings and ear wires forged from ball head pins.

Tin with Brass rings

and a cute necklace.

tin necklace 2

Tin necklace

So cleaning up seemed to do the trick for me this time.

Letting me ‘rediscover’ some hidden treasures.

 What do you do when you’re stuck in the mud ??

I’d love to hear from you!


7 Responses to “Getting Unstuck”

  1. Kathy Zee Says:

    I love the discs and jewelry you made with them. Colorful and it made me feel good to see the bright colors. I too have been in a creative funk. And cleaning up the workspace does help but then I see all these beautiful beads that i need to do something with..So one of the things I do is look at Pinterest under handbeaded jewelry. It gives me inspiration to see what others are making. Then i go back to my bead room and start going through one of (many) baskets full of gemstones, glass beads and everything you can think of I probably have it. I start laying out colors, starting with beads that i want to be the main focal point for a necklace for instance. It starts coming together. Yesterday I made a bracelet with these colorful spring beads, and used 20 gauge artistic wire, a silver chain, it turned out so cute. So to get inspired i just look at things, my beading magazines, Pinterest, Etsy, ruby lane, etc. It really will spark some creativity. I always see techniques i want to try…I have not done much with wire so thought i would make that bracelet. I ended up making about 10 of them, different styles…so- I will put the spring bracelet on my website so you guys can see it. Its really cute.

  2. Tamara Says:

    Materials are usually what inspire me, so, like you in this instance, seeing something neat can cause the juices to flow. I love those tin discs, and the pieces you created with them! So colourful! Actually color can inspire me big time, just looking at a colourful piece of jewellery someone else has made, or colourful elements of my own.

  3. Shirley from Toledo Says:

    Have not been stuck yet! However , when I make greeting cards or other paper projects, I do get stuck. That is when I start doing bunches of backgrounds or foregrounds. When I feel more inspired, I will be able to easily put together a wonderful piece!

  4. Monique U Says:

    Please don’t say I have to clean up, Linda! Actually, having things TOO neat is anathema to my creativity… I guess I follow the maxim “Bless this mess!” Usually the right focal or unusual beads is a spark of inspiration for me. Love those little tin snippets BTW!

  5. Monique U Says:

    Oops, forgot how to spell your name, apparently 🙂

  6. Oh – lovely earrings! And your necklace is just too cute – very nice for summer – dainty and beautiful. Sometimes cleaning up or re-organizing things helps me out of a ‘funk’ and other times it puts me in a deeper one because I see so many things I want to play with and get so many design ideas that I go into a deeper version of ‘stuck’ – LOL!! 😉

  7. CraftyHope Says:

    Sometimes I get the best inspiration from cleaning off my desk too. I think it could be the necessity of it to some extent. In any case, both of these designs are really great!

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