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Securing the Perimeter…The Art of the Clasp August 12, 2013

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Welcome to the reveal day for Love My Art Jewelry’s Boot Camp!

The topic this time was closure…or the art of “the clasp”.

 So many lovely ways to add the finishing touch to your jewelry.

For this challenge, I wanted to try something new to me.

 I’d seen a photo of these ingenious interlocking rings.  So…

Starting with my trusty box of copper washers,

I chose two smallish ones.

Box of Copper

A bit of a quandary as to how to the cut in the washer.

A jeweler’s saw would make quick work of it.

Oh, right…I don’t have a jeweler’s saw.

 I do have heavy duty nippers, though.

But the washer is too thick at this point.

So, I took my hammer to the washer and flattened it to thin it out.

 Then, the cutters did the the job just fine.

 Next, I used the ball peen hammer to texture the washer.

An added benefit was that the spreading effect of hammering,

so the cut widened into a nice gap.

Filed both sides of the cut smooth.

One side done.

Flattened and textured the other copper washer.

Punched one hole in each with a metal punch pliers.

 Oxidized and buffed.

Here’s the interlocking clasp in the finished necklace…

made with ceramic beads with seed bead as spacers.

I’m already thinking of ways to change this style of closure up

…larger size, embellish with beads, other metals or shapes…

Slide Clasp Necklace

Slide in clasp 1

Not quite sure I got the holes placed correctly

for a secure clasp structure on this first effort.

 Where, oh where, should the opening slit of the one washer end up

when the clasp is in the closed position??

Ideas, anyone??

Meanwhile, I’m taking this necklace on a bit of a ‘joy ride’

to see how it behaves in real life.

 Do please take your own joy ride over to Love My Art Jewelry

to see the other fabulous clasps and closures from this Boot Camp!


14 Responses to “Securing the Perimeter…The Art of the Clasp”

  1. Christie M Says:

    What a very cool idea! Love the out of the box thinking.

  2. Alice Says:

    I love this clasp!!! I’ve never done much with metal as I’m very timid when trying new things. This is a wonderful way to make a necklace special.

  3. Diane Says:

    what a great idea! I can’t wait to have a bit of time to see what the other artists did!

  4. Monique U Says:

    Love this new use for those generic washers, Lynda, and the copper looks super with your ceramic chunky beads! Re: the hole placement: I’m unsure how much closer to the opening you could insert a hole. I’ll be interested to read how your “road test” goes 🙂

  5. Erika Atkinson Says:

    Very clever!

  6. Michelle McDonald Says:

    I love that you call it “take it for a joy ride”…. I often wear my creations to see how they behave in the real world…that’s how I improve upon them! God forbid I sell something not tested out by myself first and it should fall apart or be rough against the skin! Thanks for the good chuckle and very cool clasp! Michelle

  7. Lisa S Says:

    I like the look!

  8. niky Says:

    What a fantastic clasp, it goes with your necklace beautifully!

  9. gaiacopia Says:

    Simply gorgeous. I so love the colors in your necklace too. The clasp is the perfect compliment for all of those smooth beads. I enjoyed your writing style…funny lady “Oh right…I don’t have a jewelr’s saw.” But you “forged” ahead and used your noodle to get it done and get it done beautifully you did!

  10. What a great idea for a clasp – and such a pretty necklace too!

  11. hjvdesigns Says:

    Very clever idea. I am having a lot of fun trying new ideas and I will have to add this one to my list!

  12. Brilliant design & pretty too!!

  13. Kitty Says:

    Thank you very much! I bought a box of copper washers in various sizes and until now I only used them as links 😉

  14. kelli pope Says:

    Love how this looks!!

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