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Hop, Hop, Hop… August 26, 2013

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Not much to show you all today.

 This post is just to let you know about some up coming blog hops I’ve signed up for.

Three to be exact.

Two on the same day.

What was I thinking!

Fortunately, the hosts gave us plenty of lead time

to get our pieces completed and ready for the reveals.

The first two are on September 15th.

First off is Creating with Cabochons, hosted by the multi-talented Sally Russick.

 She has given us lots to think about when designing with these hole-less wonders.

Even posted a tutorial on creating a beaded bezel for them.

 Check it out!

I’ve finished three different settings for cabochons for this challenge.

Next, a blogger friend, Michelle Buettner, has issued a fun blog hop that’s all about pearls.

She has a Graduate certificate from GIA in Pearls

and is unabashedly wild about this Queen of Gems.

Reveal is also on September 15th.

Here’s a little peek at something I’m working on for this challenge.


And…today Love My Art Jewelry posted the start of their next boot camp!

All about HOOPS!

 To kick off this adventure, they have included a fabulous, detailed video

on constructing this classic earring design.

The blog tour date is to be determined, but I’m already working out my designs.

This is a spiral design I worked on today out of one piece of wire.

Wrapped glass hoops

That’s all for now…until the reveal days.

 Hope to see you all on September 15th!

 And do consider joining me at the Hoops Boot Camp, too.


4 Responses to “Hop, Hop, Hop…”

  1. Alice Says:

    I signed up for three blog hops too and one of them I can’t rember what it is or who is hosting! Good luck!!!

  2. CraftyHope Says:

    I thought I was the queen of joining too many hops, but it looks like you may have me beat! I can’t wait to see all your beautiful creations!

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