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Joyful Colors Alert! August 28, 2013

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If you love, love the happy colors in the work of Jennifer Heyman of Jennifer Jangles,

then RUN, do not walk to your nearest BIG M (Michaels) store.

I popped in there yesterday to pick up a package of poly clay

and walked by an end cap display whose bright flashes of color caught my eye.

Skidded to a stop and was delighted to find that all her beads,

head pins, and components were on sale…99 cents a package!

While I did not quite clean out the store’s stock,

I did grab an arm load of these put-a-smile-on-your-face goodies.

I know I recently posted about all the work that needed to be completed

for the upcoming Blog Hops I committed to.

But seriously, who could resist playing with these cuties!

Could not wait to dig into them this morning.

Just one bracelet, I promise!

Jangles 1

jangles 2

jangles 3

***** Updated this design…because the three small howlite turquoise beads

did not provide enough weighted balance. Oops!

jangles 4

            Also decided to add a few black line details to the sweet birdhouse

with a fine black marker pen.

Better, I think!


10 Responses to “Joyful Colors Alert!”

  1. Who is Big M? Maybe we don;t have one in our area. Love the bracelet!!!!

  2. Linda Murphy Says:

    Nice Score. But what is Big M ? I want one.

  3. Oh this is super! So colorful and fun! I wish our Michael’s had her things,…I’ve never seen them there, so if they carry them someone must snatch them up before I see them! And, thanks for mentioning my blog hop the other day on your blog – I think it’s gonna be fun! And, I had no idea Sally’s Cabachon blog hop was on the same day – I feel awful about that – so I will definitely provide a link on the day of mine announcing here’s as well (how did I miss that date?). 🙂

    • Hey, Shel. How is anyone expected to keep up with all the great jewelry challenges out there?! I’m sure she’d be tickled to have a shout out on your blog about her event though.
      And I didn’t know that the Michael’s chain may carry different items in the various regions. Bummer.

  4. Jennifer’s beads are certainly eye-catching! I had never seen her beads in person until I received one among an AJE destash I won from Linda Landig. I would check out my nearest Michaels… but as it doesn’t seem to carry the full line, so I’m not sure it would be worth the 6-hour round trip. 😦 I’ll be curious to see what you create with your treasures!

  5. Shirley from Toledo Says:

    Love this bracelet! I would want to wear it everyday! So joyful!

  6. CraftyHope Says:

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting these components in our stores ever since she made the announcement they were coming (MONTHS ago), yet they haven’t arrived here in Lower Alabama and I’m not sure we’ll be getting them at all. How disappointing. I’ll just have to drool over yours! 😉

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