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Jumping Through Hoops… August 29, 2013

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     Putting some time today into Love My Art Jewelry’s Hoops Boot Camp.  If you want to expand your knowledge about this classic form of earrings, keep checking their blog. Their talented pool of jewelry designers will be regularly posting interesting new takes on this topic. And they have a cool give away for a pair of sterling wavy round hoops!

      And hoops aren’t just round…Rena Klingenberg ,of Jewelry Making Journal, has posted a great tutorial on how to make rectangle hoops.  Rena is a wire wizard and also gifted at writing clear, concise tutorials.

      My first pair is copper with sterling silver wraps.  The second is also copper, heavily oxidized, with glass Krobo beads.

hoops 1

Hoops 2

      While both pairs have had some treatment with a chasing hammer to work-harden them, I’ll also toss them into the tumbler for extra strength.  Hoop earrings like these receive an extra work out putting them on and off, so this extra step will ensure they retain their shape.

      Can you imagine all the wonderful ways to embellish and adorn these modern, angular hoops?

(Kudos to Maureen who also caught my huge painful design error…Ouch!  Fortunately, with a bit of fussing around, it was correctable.)


6 Responses to “Jumping Through Hoops…”

  1. Love these, Lynda, especially with the recycled glass beads. I was curious about tumbling with these beads… do you have any problems with chipping? I’ve had those small spacers chip with just normal wire movement.

  2. I love your variations on these hoops, Lynda! The wraps on the top pair of earrings really give them a nice style boost. And the Krobo beads on the second pair are a fantastic way to add color and art! Very inspiring ideas. Thanks so much for sharing what you made from this tute!

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