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Artful Experimentations… September 7, 2013

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It’s time again for another Art Bead Scene challenge.

I’m not sure who selects each month’s inspiration,

but the variety is amazing.

Techniques, artist’s origins, subjects, eras, color palettes…

This month is no exception.

An 1896 art nouveau oil on pastel from

The  Seasons series by Alphonse Mucha.

sept 2013 - mucha palette

Titled “Autumn”.

But I bet you could have guessed that.

And just to get our creative juices flowing, on the side, is a color palette

derived  by Brandi Hussey.

There is just something so appealing in Mucha subject matter, mostly women,

and his nature inspired lines and colors.

I get the same feeling from another artist of this period,

Charles Rennie MacIntosh, although his work is more spare and stylized.

His rose motif is probably his most famous design element.

I purchased a small ceramic tile on one of our trips

to Glasgow many years ago (which I now cannot find !)




Which leads me to today’s artful meanderings…

I was thinking how to incorporate some art nouveau tile inspired beads into a piece of jewelry for this challenge.

 I’d bookmarked this polymer clay tutorial a while ago,

thinking how cool the faux ceramic treatment looks.


Today was the perfect day to give this tute a try.

Here’s my first attempts with this technique.

Quick steps:  Using white Sculpty III clay, roll out to 1/4 inch or so.

 Print the clay with stamps.

Cut out with cookie cutters or in the case of the small tile beads,

cut into small squares.  Bake.

Paint with a mixture of liquid polymer clay and alcohol inks.

Bake.  Paint with a satin varnish.

Show and Tell Time:

clay stamps

Stamps used

unbaked clay

Unbaked clay


Paint tray…Fun part, but messy.

I probably used my fingers as much as the paint brushes.

glazed clay

Ready for the second baking.

small tiles

Faux ceramic tile beads, ready for some jewelry experiments.

tile hearts

These will have decorative ornament hangers added for some holiday markets.

tile crosses

Some final thoughts…I really, really love this technique !!

And I think it’s worth more time and experimentation.

Stay tuned.

Hopefully, I’ll have a piece of jewelry worthy of submitting

to the Art Bead Scene challenge by the end of the month !


4 Responses to “Artful Experimentations…”

  1. Monique U Says:

    I love PC so much, it has an infinite variety of techniques to make whatever you are looking for, Lynda! I printed this month’s inspiration yesterday… I am hoping it will compel me to create. When I print the painting and display it near my work area, I am batting 1000. Otherwise, I forget and before I know it the month has ended 😦 Fingers crossed!

    • I have seen your PC work, Monique, and it’s amazing! Thanks for the tip on keeping the inspiration going to completion. Hope to see your lovely work at Art Bead Scene the end of the month. Best wishes!

  2. I love the textures and your painting technique is wonderful!

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