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Rainy Monday… October 28, 2013

Woke up early, early this morning to the lovely sound of rain.

Here in the very most southern part of California,

this can be a rare occurrence, especially this time of year.

We’re more likely to have a heat wave with the fierce Santa Ana winds,

more scary weather for us, as we remember this past week,

the deadly wild fires of ten years ago.

The refreshing rain outside gave me the needed courage

to do some refreshing inside my studio.

The courage to take out all my jewelry inventory

that has not sold in the last two years.

 A bold, severe look was due.

Some pieces passed my scrutiny to live another day, but many did not.

 A few just needed some sprucing up or re-fashioning.

Many were taken apart to become part of future pieces.

Tiny bits and scraps of sterling silver ended up

in the scrap heap.

Beads had to be sorted and stored away.

Useable pieces of chain, ear wires, components received

a thorough scrubbing in the tumbler.

Hear that??

That’s my sigh of satisfaction.

Nothing like a cleansing rain to help you see new life

and possibilities.

Here are a few new things from my workbench

in preparation for a local Holiday Market mid November.

Not the best photos…did I mention it was raining today ?

p.s. many of these new pieces have bits and pieces

of the rejects here and there.

(click image to enlarge)


flowered paddles

magnesite drops

turquoise donut drops

Rain sticks

colorful hoops

Green copper paddles

copper oval pendant 2

sterling bar necklace

redblue lamp work

Rocky Road

turqoise drops

Burgundy with lamp work

old chinese coin pendant

So, I’m curious…

How do you handle with your past-its-expiration-date inventory ??

I’d love a few new ideas !


17 Responses to “Rainy Monday…”

  1. Your day sounds very cathartic. There are a couple of things I do with mu expiration-date inventory. During the holidays I mark them down and/or I use these pieces as donations for various charities. After the second season I begin thinking about what to do with them. I do have one drawer that I store what I call “remakes”, but over the past few year’s I have not found the time to get to them.

    I love what you’ve done and its inspiration to get to the remake drawer. Thanks for sharing.

    • Cathartic!! That’s a great word, Juanita! Dreading to start, a bit painful or sad in the middle, but renewed at the finish. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about what you do with the orphans.

  2. First thing I do is put the pieces on sale at my next show that didn’t sell for a few years. If they still don’t sell, I do what you do, take them apart, especially if there are beads that i just loved but needed updating. I also have donated pieces like that to a charity. That becomes a tax deduction at the end of the year. I still have a box of beads that are lonley onesys and i took a handful of them in no specific order and made a necklace. It actually sold at my next show. So who knew? Once a year I have a jewelry extravangaza at my home. Invite all my friends, and neighbors and customers who are local. So alot of things sell at that that time. I have even sold bags of beads that I knew i would not use again. Zip locks, beads, equal money…(” Love what you have done with your dated inventory.
    Kathy Zee

  3. Donna m Says:

    Lynda, these are fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  4. b Says:

    I once took an advent calendar made of little boxes and filled each box with a pretty bead or two or a piece of ribbon left over from other projects, as well as homemade candies — then gave it to my sister (who also makes jewelry) as a bit of inspiration for Christmas…

    • Hi, Beth…or should I say Bonjour, mon amie! Loved reading your first installment (of many, I hope) about your new adventures in France. French wine, cheese, and bread everyday!
      What your unique and memorable advent calendar idea! Your sister was one lucky lady.
      Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Love your designs, Linda. Haven’t been a maker long enough to have much left over 🙂

  6. I just love all of these designs – especially the second pair of earrings – wow!! And, to answer your question, I usually put my ‘older’ pieces on sale when I have my annual jewelry party at my sis’s house in the fall and then I do exactly what you did if they’re still with me – take them apart and have a ‘re-do’ day or just put things back in my ‘stash of beads’. We are going through retrograde at the moment and, not sure if you knew this, but this type of work (reflecting, reworking projects, planning, etc.) is exactly what you’re supposed to do during this time instead of starting new things, so what a perfect post this is!

    • Second comment about an annual jewelry party idea. Have to give this a real think. And happy to know there’s another word for what I went through yesterday…retrograde. I like it.
      Thanks for your input, Shel. Always valuable to hear from others.

  7. Hi Lynda, Was down in your area yesterday, to Valley Center, which I never even heard of before. Very Beautiful! 12 years ago, when I first starting making jewelry to sell, I made pieces for Antique stores in Kernville Cali. When I started hearing that my pieces were more “Art” than commercially viable, I quit. I don’t smoke or drink and have been a health food “nut” since 1966, this is my vice.(not a bad one either) so I told my children, after I am gone, donate all to charity. I donate pieces to ACS and art galleries now. I never have to make anything with the thought in my mind”Is this going to sell?” Very freeing wouldn’t you say? Everyone in life needs a hobby or an artistic outlet.

    • Freeing, indeed! I’ll have to pass this one by my kiddos. I do donate to several charities, too. Always worthwhile to support what you love, don’t you think?
      Valley Center is a gorgeous spot especially this time of year. We used to take the kids to Bates Nut Farm every October for pumpkins!

  8. PS forgot to say that I love the chinese coin one best of all. But I always love everything you do!

  9. I also do an annual fall jewelry party for my friends and neighbors. I am in a local weekly market so I make up small “grab bags” combining a pair of earrings, bracelet etc and sell at a discount. works well before the holidays.
    I have had pretty good luck remaking things. Usually I break a necklace into a bracelet and earrings combo and sell the set (sometimes for more than the necklace)
    Your blog is the one I ALWAYS make time to read. Keep up the great work!

    • Love your ‘grab bag’ idea, Cindi! I’m sure your customers love the convenience of having a ‘gift ready to go’. And thanks so much for following along on my jewelry adventures.
      Best wishes for more successful markets!

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