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Less is More November 5, 2013

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This post is more of an addendum to the last one.

 As I sat on the floor of my studio with all my “did not sell” jewelry strewn around me,

I had a couple of small thoughts…maybe not epiphanies, but significant AHAs none the less.

I’ll not go on at length about them because maybe they only make sense to me.

However, here are a few, put concisely as I can.

…My esthetics have changed. I take this as a good sign, meaning I’m still alive and growing.

 What appealed to me two years ago no longer does.

Color combos, wire work components, beads I was in love with

(may have some destashing in my etsy store soon).

…I could see how my work was all over the place.

I think this is because I was and still am so very excited by every new possibility.

I wanted to try everything I saw.

And I’m okay with this.

 Jewelry making is one of the few places where I feel brave, even fearless.

 Sometimes I worry that I don’t have identifiable style recognition, but hey…I’m having fun!

…Lastly, less is more.  As I looked at some particular pieces,

I was struck by the ‘amount’ of stuff I tried to put into them.

By this I mean, metal work, wire work, sometimes fibers, mixed metals, etc…

Some designers, whom I admire very much, do this very well.

Their work is magical to me…the way their work is so balanced and cohesive.

Perhaps, I was trying too hard.  Showing off what I could do?

They were particularly unappealing to me now.

So, did I learn anything?  Here’s a necklace that I made yesterday.

agate slab necklace

What you see is a very simple design. This was not the first design, however.

 My first inclination was to grab some copper wire

and make some cool wire wrapped components to use between these gorgeous agate slices.

I actually had about half of it finished,

before deciding that this was a huge mistake for these particular stones.

“Keep it simple, stupid!”

 In this case, I needed to get out of the way and let the stones speak for themselves

by showcasing them en masse…close together

and not separating them with my wire doodads.

The impact of this necklace is made more powerful with less stuff.

It is also more sensual to wear.

The heavy, cool stones feel really lovely on the skin around the collar bones.

jasper slices 2

These past few days have been cathartic.  I feel…cleansed. Is that the word?

Hopefully, more focused.

At least my jewelry inventory is looking in better shape.

 But wouldn’t you know it, this morning I read a new post

about the next Love My Art Jewelry’s Boot Camp.

It’s all about Cold Connections !!

Oh, boy ! I’ve always wanted to learn how to rivet things !


16 Responses to “Less is More”

  1. Maureen Donahue Says:

    Hey Lynda. I enjoy your blog, I was just wondering if you would consider making the text left aligned and smaller? Have you ever received comments like this in the past. I read all my blogs on my mini and yours scrolls FOR-EVER, so I just wondered. Also, when will you list the agate slice necklace? It is the best yet!!

    • Hi, Maureen. Glad to hear you are enjoying this blog and for your thoughts on it’s readability for subscribers. I did have one other comment to ‘take the text to the left’ in standard format. So…it’s really something for me to consider for the comfort of the readers. Thanks for the tip.
      As to listing this necklace…it may happen. I have a big Holiday Market in a couple of weekends. So if no one takes it home with them, I will be listing all the remaining jewelry in the etsy shop, with a DISCOUNT code for my loyal blog readers.
      When this happens, I’ll send out a special blog post, so please stay tuned.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Gorgeous necklace! ! Perfect – simple – but makes a statement! Would be able to wear that with any color of clothing – also – dress up or down.
    LOVE IT!! Great job!!

  3. I could have written this post (not as eloquently as you!). It took me a long time to even find my “style”. It is constantly evolving, and I only hope that I am, too! It’s been a fun journey!

  4. I admire you for your honesty-that’s God in you-but you are so multi-faceted, that’s God in you too! He made you to be who you are and you have no competition-keep doing you-I’m sure there is more in you that you haven’t discovered yet-keep going…Your jewelry is beautiful and innovative!

    • What lovely, encouraging words! Thanks so much, Elizabeth. I have to share that this recent process was not all about selling the jewelry. There is the art side of this adventure that gives me peace. And I’m amazed at the number of opportunities I’ve had to share my faith through this jewelry adventure I’m on.

  5. Alice Says:

    I so agree that less is more, Maybe it’s because I can’t solder, rivet or do wire work. But my customers always pick the simple pieces that can be worn with any outfit and to any occasion. I’ve learned my lesson. I do have pieces that don’t sell and i’m thinking about tearing them apart–though that kills me because of the blood, sweat and some tears I put into making them. When I began making jewelry I used mostly gemstones. Then I started using artist made beads. Your necklace is beautiful and makes me want to buy some yummy stone beads.

    • There’s the rub…Sometimes I do feel torn between what I desire to make and my customers want to buy. And I feel your pain at thinking about cutting into your work. If I still love the jewelry, I have donated many pieces to charity auctions or even, consignment stores to avoid this. Always received with great appreciation. Thanks for sharing about your journey, Alice.

  6. It’s strange how we’re all connected. Maybe it’s the whole ‘mercury’s in retrograde’ thing these last couple of weeks (and continuing until Nov. 10th), but I’ve been ‘reflecting’ and assessing things as well. I do that more often than I used to. My designs can be all over the map too and my esthetics change pretty often, – depending on what captures my interest. In getting ready for a show this weekend at my sis’s house I went back to some of my very early ‘work’ and designed things from the heart and it felt really good. But, I’m still in that ‘funk’ if you will, deciding what’s coming next. Great post today Lynda! I wish I could just in on the Boot Camp this time around – I’m just starting to get comfortable w/rivets!! I’ll be watching from the sidelines – learning even more!!

    • Always comforting and encouraging to know there are others on the same journey, Shel! How to balance designing from the heart with what the customers want is at the heart of this process the past few days. Can’t say I’ve resolved it, but it’s easier with a ‘clean slate’. Judgement from others and self evaluation are part of the package when I chose to sell jewelry. Fortunately, I’m not dependent on sales to put food on the table. If I was, it would be beans and wienies for us !

  7. Monique U Says:

    You have described how I (still) feel as a beginner in jewelry design, Lynda. There is SO much I love and editing skills are only acquired through time, growth and mistakes made. And that is fine, as far as I am concerned… no rush!

  8. I agree about keeping it simple. No need to distract from those beautiful stone slabs, gorgeous!

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