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Bead Chat Magazine news November 12, 2013

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Good morning!

This is a very brief post to share about Bead Chat magazine.


This monthly issue is chock full of useful information, sources for supplies of handmade beads and components, and of course, beautiful jewelry. And I am so happy to have a couple of my pieces in this current November issue. They wanted to celebrate the late, great magazine, Bead Trends, that went off the presses a few months ago, and asked designers to send in photos of pieces that were accepted to be published before this sad decision was made.  So, my necklace and bracelet got published anyway!

Bead Chat kindly published the project directions for the copper bangle, too.

There is so much eye candy this month…and I must give a shout out of “Congratulations!” to Michelle Buettner for being selected as a featured artist, too.

I love her design styles and this was a well deserved honor. You might remember that Shel recently hosted the lustrous blog challenge, “Pearls, Pearls, Pearls”.

One more quick plug for the editors, in particular Melinda Orr, who also run the website, Artisan Whimsy. What an amazing team, who provide us with a special place to share, ask questions, post photos of work, and sell and buy.

They have recently updated this site.  Free registration…you should check it out!


6 Responses to “Bead Chat Magazine news”

  1. This is really a great magazine and so cool that it is paperless. Good for our eco system!

  2. lovely88 Says:

    How wonderful your pics were published I’m glad for you!!!!!

  3. Oh, Lynda, I really love your designs they published in Bead Chat, they’re just beautiful! (as always) Your designs always resonate with me because they’re ones I would make and wear on a daily basis. And, your work is of such high quality that it makes them even more wonderful! I’m still making my way through the magazine this month and it’s just chock-full of all kinds of beady goodness, isn’t it?! Thanks for the shout out here on your blog – that was a super nice surprise! 🙂

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