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Under the wire… January 30, 2014

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My first post of the New Year included a little promise or challenge to myself

…to actually make some of those nifty crafts and recipes I keep pinning on Pinterest.

I already shared my crafty pin with the thrift store up-cycled cake stands I made.

With tomorrow being the last day of the month,

I needed to choose something to cook from my 175 recipe pins.

Creme Brûlée!!

And I got to use my jewelry torch…that is actually a kitchen torch,

meant for making Creme Brûlée and never used for its original purpose.

That is, until today!

 This will not be a ‘how-to’ make this yummy dessert,

just a quick photo to say, “I made it!”

creme brûlée

And I tasted it, too! Absolutely delicious and so creamy,

with a satisfying crunch from the caramelized sugar topping.

The recipe I used can be found on the Cook’s Illustrated site.

I did get a membership because I enjoy their recipes so much.

Here’s a recipe that’s close. However, I used a split vanilla bean, instead of vanilla extract.

And speaking of torches…this little beauty arrived in the mail this afternoon, too.

new torch

After I torched the Creme Brûlée. It’s been highly recommended in some jewelry blogs

as a step up from the smaller kitchen torch. This one screws into a butane canister,

so you don’t have to refill a torch, which is awesome. It’s got more oomph in the heat too.

Less than $25 on Amazon…and the most amazing thing happened…

I ordered it yesterday and it arrived today!  How do they do that??

Adding this excellent youtube video of a demo on how to use this torch.

Are you using any new toys on your jewelry bench?

Or what’s the top tool or gadget on your wish list?


8 Responses to “Under the wire…”

  1. Monique U Says:

    Yum, Lynda! I often buy this but haven’t ever made it at home (funny, that, as I make most foods from scratch LOL). I do have a terrible fear of torches, open flames, etc., so this one might not make it into my cookbooks 🙂

    • It was surprisingly easy, Monique. Cream, eggs, bit of sugar, pinch of salt, and vanilla bean. But I do get your fear of the torch. It took me a year to actually use the one I’d purchased after taking a class.

  2. Cool!! Looks good! I get stuff the next day, but they’re packaging/shipping plant is here in my city, so I’m not sure how they do it for you, too!! 🙂

  3. Yum…that is by far my most favorite dessert! Richard Salley used that torch in a class I took with him at Artbliss this past September! It is most awesome!

  4. Diane Says:

    The creme brulee looks amazing! I have many tools on my wish list, but my current top would be mixed steel shot for the tumbler my sister gave me at xmas. I am very excited about this! I have a few items that I have made that I can not yet use in pieces because of a bit of a lack of strength. I also have a list of items I want to make to have on hand such as clasps, ear wires, etc. I am hoping that I will be able to order it in the next few days.

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