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Hearts Abound February 11, 2014

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There are certainly many ways for jewelry designers to express

and show creativity regarding themes of love and affection.

And while not everyone is enamored of hearts, it is almost universally recognized

as the enduring symbol of deep emotional connection.

Personally, I don’t have any jewelry with hearts,

but I do love to create them around this time of year for others to wear and enjoy.

Love to work the wire into various heart shapes and embellish in beautiful ways.

Here is a simple, yet meaningful bracelet design from a tutorial by Lisa Yang.

heart clasp

This is actually a combo of two of Lisa’s tutorials…

one for the eternity link chain and the other for the sweet heart clasp,

I used silver non-tarnishing wire for this first test run.

And love the versatility of this design.

The clasp can be linked along the chain to accommodation a variety of wrist measurements.

Add links to lengthen the chain for a simple, yet elegant necklace.

Wire wrap stones or pearls between the links instead of the jump rings.

Make larger links to use as individual components for bracelets or earrings.

 And on and on…

And even more hearts for the holiday.

 This time I made a batch of painted polymer clay heart pendants.

These went to the jewelry workshop at my neighborhood library last Friday

for the ladies to enjoy creating with.

Interesting that the black heart was one of the first to get snatched up.

mini hearts

Hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with sweetness and love!


3 Responses to “Hearts Abound”

  1. I love your version of the bracelet and I’m so happy you made it and shared it! It came out beautiful. I also like your polymer clay hearts.
    Like you, I have never really made heart jewelry until this popped off my bench. I enjoy wearing it and it has made me re-think this touching symbol.

  2. Monique U Says:

    I am also not a “heart person” per se, Lynda, though as I age I am seeing their charms 🙂 Your PC pendants are lovely… I’m sure your library group must have had a wonderful time!

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