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February Wrap-up February 26, 2014

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So it’s the end of the month and time to post a little something about my year long Personal Pinterest Challenge…Don’t Just Pin It, Make It.

I made a deal with myself to try one new recipe and one crafty pin each month.

So here it is for February.

Crafty me…I knew this was something I wanted to try the moment I laid eyes one this.  Painted wine glasses.  I pinned so many great tutorials on how to do this, I had to create a new board for them all.

I chose to go the quick, easy, no fail polka-dot route, using some round sponge stamps from Martha Stewart (a deal at Michaels with coupon).

If I had used only basic acrylic paints, it would have been even faster with a low temp heat curing in the oven. However, I loved adding some transparent glitter paint with the turquoise and needed to go the loooooong, 21 day air dry method.

But so worth it, because I looooove them!  I now have a set of four.


Here’s the tutorial.

Now, on to the recipe and it’s a good one!

This was a recipe for Parker House Rolls from an episode on Martha Bakes.

One of the grands, Jenna, had seen it and asked me if we could try it out.

How could I refuse?

Sadly, I did not have the presence of mind to snap photos during the process, but let’s just say there was lots of flour flying around the kitchen.  AND, there is butter in the dough, between the layers, and brushed (we drizzled) over the tops when they came out of the oven. Now, that’s a dinner roll!

Here’s a pic of the finished product and too bad for you that this blog does not have smell-o-vision, because it was divine.

The aroma lingered in the kitchen for days…which was a lot longer than these rolls lasted.  Yum!

Jenna's Rolls

Jenna and the Parker House Rolls

T and J Rolls

Taylor and Jenna patiently waiting for them to cool a bit.

Yes, these were a lot of work and time.

I don’t have a fancy mixer with a dough hook, so lots of kneading by hand.

But, the final result was so satisfying in many ways,

especially the time spent in the kitchen with ones you dearly love.

And because this is after all a jewelry blog, here’s a look at some cool copper buttons made in my adult school metals class this session. Made from 24 g. sheet metal…cut, file, sand, texture, patina, polish, seal, and more polish.

copper buttons

And a bracelet made with one of these guys…

     with chalcedony and two of those gorgeous lamp work beads by Studio Juls.

Meantioned Juli Cannon’s bead work before, but it’s well worth repeating!

Lovely beads to design with for sure.

copper button bracelet 2



And an embossed and bezel set copper pendant…with a t-i-n-y opal.

 Teacher Charlene and I dug through every box and bag of stones in the cupboard to find a stone small enough to fit the bezel cup.  NEXT TIME, I will have the stone first, before I start the project!

Opal set pendant

Next week I hope to share a bit about our metals class challenge project

                                                        …and boy, is it interesting…


15 Responses to “February Wrap-up”

  1. Love your wine glasses (the link to the tutorial didn’t work for me – if you think of it, can you email me the link?) and those rolls look like heaven – I could almost smell them!! Love your buttons – those are so fun to make,..well, except for the sanding part – I am not a fan of filing or sanding 🙂 And your bracelet and necklace are lovely – as always,…super!!

  2. Monique U Says:

    Gosh, you HAVE been a busy bee, Lynda 🙂 Love the wonderful pics of the girls trying to inhale those rolls *TeeHee* Looks like your classes are still bringing you lots of joy!

  3. The rolls look so good especially with a big pot of the sausage kale soup I make YUM!!!!!! I love the buttons and the bracelet is just divine. Love your blog always
    Debbie Freeland

  4. Painting glasses, what? I thought first, without having seen the pic — that’s not very exciting — but OH! are they pretty! Now I totally get it! I can almost taste the rolls, a pity I’m allergic to wheat since the 90’s. The copper is beautiful, as ever: what do you use to seal? The copper goes surprisingly well with the silver, have to remember that :-)! I just nicked a piece of scrap copper from my dad’s garage, trying to figure where to start…

    • Thanks for stopping by the blog, Monica! Regarding your question about sealing copper. I use Renaissance Wax. It’s specifically made to use on metals and stone, developed by the British Museum for preserve the finish/patina on their fine art pieces. A little pricey, but you use just a tiny bit and lasts a very long time.
      Interestingly, I have read of some who have success with Johnson Floor Wax.

      • Monique U Says:

        Hi Lynda and Monica, I wanted to let you know I bought another brand of conservator’s wax at Lee Valley Tools; it is double the size (125 ml), and sells for only $12.50. It is rated for “finished woods, metals, ceramics, marble, leather, gilding, photographs and even paper”, plus I use it to seal and polish polymer clay. The quality is the same as the Renaissance brand. Here’s the online link:,190,42950&ap=1

        I assume it is also sold in their stores. I never miss a chance to tell people about this, Lynda 🙂 It makes a wonderful finish. I actually hadn’t tried it on metal, but I will now!

      • Thank you, Monica! Yes, do please try it out and let us know. I’d love to share info about such a quality product.

  5. Thanks for all the info! Quite new to me, got me reading a bit about metal preservation on Wikipedia, very useful! Renaissance wax had its own page. Microcrystalline waxes apparently is the keyword to look for, if one tries to find corresponding products (have to look at the contents on that floorwax!) Although Lee Valley apparently ships internationally, and have lots of interesting gardening stuff too, so I might even order that, if I’m unable to find anything locally.

    • This info got me into some interesting action! Found the Renaissance Wax in a local shop, but expensive, as you said. Compared to the Lee Valley stuff, and calculated that I would get twice the amount from there, including shipping! That’s when I also ordered a Corn Cutter and split the shipping costs between the items (have wanted a Corn Cutter for some years, figured they must exist…my corn has grown so well for a couple of summers!). Then I nearly didn’t get the credit card payment through, and had to call Canada! Turned out they register it as over-the-counter, and I had blocked my card outside Europe (but not for web shopping). Then the packet got caught in customs, but I got it through for free, because it was JUST cheap enough! Whew! Hope to get it today! And thanks for this useful link, hope the stuff is good…!

      • Happy to hear that you preserved with your purchases! Hope you find that it was worth all the effort, too. Do please let me know how you find the Lee Valley wax product. I’m very interested in your response, Monica, as the pricing is very economical.

  6. Lynda, what an awesome post filled with a bit of everything I love – Pinterest, baking, jewelry!! 🙂 Like you, I’ve been trying some recipes I’ve pinned on Pinterest and have found some good ones. Your rolls look (and smell – I thought I could smell them) amazing!! And I just love your bracelet and copper necklace – would wear either in a heart beat!!

    • It was a bit of a hodgepodge post! Glad you saw some things to like. Those rolls will definitely be making a return appearance in my kitchen very soon…when I have an afternoon to devote to baking.

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