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Asymmetry Boot Camp Recap March 25, 2014

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Love My Art Jewelry just finished up its latest Boot Camp and it was all about a nemesis common to many jewelry designers…Asymmetry.

I’ve said before that I’m so drawn to pieces of jewelry with this attribute, but personally struggle with it in my own designs. Maybe it’s a right brain, left brain thing…how you’re wired to look at the world or a gift in manipulating the things around you in an off-kilter, but oh, so pleasing manner.

I don’t know.

There is one trick to achieving an asymmetrical look that someone shared with me early in my jewelry making adventures. It’s kind of faux asymmetry, if you will. A baby step…

Get out 4 or 5 different kinds of beads, put them separate numbered groups. Beads #1, Beads #2 , Beads #3, etc…

Then with a paper and pencil, make up a random sequence using those numbers.

Say I have 5 groups of beads, here’s a possible sequence…

2 2 1 2 4 3 1 2 5

Then arrange the beads in that order…repeat the order until you have a bracelet or a necklace.  So it’s kind of like creating with repeated asymmetrical groups, I think.  Maybe not true asymmetry, but playing with beads this way really got me thinking outside my tendency to create with rigid patterns and symmetry.  In this necklace, I repeated the pattern 4 times (minus one bead at the end of the line that I lost!)

**Can you figure out which bead is missing?

bead pattern

To my eye, this necklace has an asymmetrical effect with a pleasing balance of weight, color, and textures just by repetition of a random ordered grouping of beads.

Here’s a few pieces from my work in the LMAJ Boot Camp…

Etched copper bar necklace 2


Flower and Bird on Copper

Poly clay flower connector and copper button by me

I really struggled with these earrings…found it much more difficult to get something pleasing in such a small space and with so few beady options.

In the end, I really like them!


Asymm. Earrings 2



This last necklace was my final project in my metals class this session. The pendant was hand cut from copper sheet and embossed. I bezel set three stones. Some issues getting the stones tucked in because I wanted them so close together, but I persevered.

three stone pendant


To see what other folks have done in this boot camp go here.  And enjoy!


3 Responses to “Asymmetry Boot Camp Recap”

  1. What a great tip for getting going with asymmetry. I really do like all your pieces, but the last one here is truly something beautiful as is the necklace with the blue focal and that cute little blue bird – love these! I really enjoy seeing all the boot camp posts. One of these days I might have the time and energy to play along! 😉

    • Hi, Shel! I realized yesterday that I was supposed to post my pieces for the boot camp…kind of over committed myself this month. There are just so many enticing challenges out there, aren’t there?

  2. I really love the last piece especially the focal you made. All of my jewelry is asymmetrical. I never even use more than one of the same bead in a design and I love to find pieces in thrift stores and rework them. If you get a chance, there are a few pictures on my facebook, look and see.

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