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One Day Late… May 1, 2014

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Okay, the real title should be one day late and one Pinterest short…

but I have a really great excuse…I was in Africa.

Today, for my monthly Pinterest challenge, I’d like to state for the record…

I’m a believer!  Brussel Sprouts rule!  Well, Roasted Brussel Sprouts rule!

This tasty recipe is brought to you by Cooks Illustrated.  Go here for the recipe.

They cleverly solved the problem of raw, but crispy sprouts by a nifty little trick

of oven steaming for 10 minutes, then roasting uncovered for 10 minutes.

 I added a little drizzle of minced garlic in melted bacon fat

with some shaved parmesan cheese on top.


Sorry, Mom, but these are definitely not the boiled mushy sprouts of my childhood.



5 Responses to “One Day Late…”

  1. Yep, these look mighty tasty. I was getting on my son for not eating any vegetables and when I mentioned brussel sprouts he said he liked them, so I will definitely be trying this out to see if he’s serious or not! LOL!!

    • There’s probably a really good chance that he’ll love these, if he doesn’t have to get over any memories of stinky, boiled sprouts. The bacon drippings, garlic, and cheese don’t hurt, either.

  2. Kathie Condon Says:

    I had some delicious fried Brussel sprouts in Denver, CO. They just cut them in half and fried them. They were very yummy.

  3. I love brussel sprouts done right! I’ll pass this recipe to my husband to try out.

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