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Productive Day! May 11, 2014

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Love those days when I get into the groove with jewelry making.

Friday was just that kind of day for me.

Etching metal is a long process with the time spent in the etchant solution

and later on, the two hours in the jewelry tumbler.

This ‘down time’ allowed me to replenish the handmade sterling ear wires

and jump rings and fine silver head pins…

Β and solder and texture a couple of pairs of sterling hoops.

Very, very satisfying work to be able to know

that every part of these earrings has my hand in it…

except of course, the lovely Czech glass beads.

Feather etched copper


Flame etched hearts


Teal glass with etched copper


SS long hoops


See the peachy cast on the side of the left earring here?

Could not figure out what this was in all the photos of this pair.

Finally figured out it must be my reflection in the fabulous shine of the metal.

Love what two hours in a tumbler does to sterling silver.

Now that’s a ‘mirror finish’ !

Hoops with cobalt glass drop


Til next time!

And a very Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms, grand moms, aunties,

and motherly, nurturing ladies out there!




18 Responses to “Productive Day!”

  1. Mary Says:

    Not only productive—-very beautiful!

  2. Lois D Says:

    Lynda, such lovely work yet again πŸ™‚

    You’ve inspired me to try etching metal!

    I’m new to making ear wires and am wondering what gauge wire you prefer to use?

    Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to all πŸ™‚


  3. Very pretty- haven’t done anything with etching yet. Your creations are inspiring πŸ™‚ Christie

  4. You really are getting very good at this, Lynda! They are so inspiring to look at (oops, someone already said that, but my thought also)! Just picked a bunch out of the tumbler yesterday (no photos yet) after — God knows, maybe 3 or 4 hours… was out gardening… mirror shine is the word! I’m so glad I got the tumbler.
    Love your metalwork, thanks for sharing!

    • I agree that the professional look of my jewelry jumped to a new level when I started using the tumbler with the metal components. Glad to hear you’re putting yours to good use, too! Thanks for stopping my, Monica!

  5. Wow, Lynda. Gorgeous as always! I’m just so impressed with your designs. I hope to try etching one day. My hubby got me a book for Christmas, but I haven’t braved it yet.

  6. Monique U Says:

    I’m still looking for a safe space (safe from my cats LOL) to try etching, Lynda. I am particularly anxious to do freehand design with fine-line markers. I love your pieces as always. I’m a recent addict of all things Czech, and the caramel beads in your first pic are among my faves πŸ™‚

  7. Again,…LOVE all of these! I truly enjoy getting your blog posts in my email inbox and then hopping over to read (and see) your posts. By the way,…are those hearts for sale in your shop?? Cause I think I might need them. πŸ™‚

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