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What’s Black, White, and Red All Over? May 16, 2014

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           No, it is not a zebra reading a newspaper !

                 It’s a big old pile of these gorgeous Zigzag Nerite Shells!

I missed last month’s We’re All Ears Earring Challenge hosted by Earrings Everyday.

So I’m jumping on board for today’s blog hop.

Here is the inspiration for our May earring designs…

                                                      Just look at all the cool wavy line details !





And here is my offering…  Black, White, and a touch of frilly Red.

All about texture this time and inspired by natural materials.

Stone, bone, and silk…  spun by those busy little silk worms.


Black White and Red 2


Black lava stone, ivory carved bone, and a bit of deep red sari silk…

         all wrapped up in brass wire.

Check out what others made for this month’s challenge here.



28 Responses to “What’s Black, White, and Red All Over?”

  1. Monique U Says:

    OMG so sweet, Lynda, all my faves are here!

    I want some of those shells in the inspiration photo, don’t you?

  2. Kristi Says:

    These are wonderful. I love all the elements especially the touch of fiber!! Nicely done!

    • Thank you, Kristi! When I decided to use natural elements in this challenge, using a bit of silk fiber just seemed a given. And to my good luck, I already had this lovely shade of red!

  3. Cindy Says:

    I love your natural materials theme, and these earrings are stunning. Oh, those colors! The richness and texture of the silk is a perfect addition in this design. Love them! Really striking!

    • Thanks so much, Cindy! I don’t tend to design with black, so these were a bit unusual for me. Not to sure why I even had those lava beads in my stash! But, oh so happy, to have found them.

  4. Keirsten Says:

    These are darling! I love your wire wrapping. The lava with the brass is a great combination!

  5. Kelly Morgan Says:

    Love the big brass earring tops and the touch of frilly red silk. Great design.

  6. Karin G Says:

    What a wonderful combination of textures. I love the lava beads with the fiber and the metal. Gorgeous!

    • Thanks so much, Karin! Had these lava beads in my stash forever and never knew what to do with them until this challenge. I was thrilled to find them and have so much texture to play with in these earrings.

  7. Super combo here Lynda! The texture and shapes on this pair is just fabulous. I’m kicking myself for not getting my pair finished for the challenge because I’m in love w/all those tiny shells in the pic she used for the inspiration this month – just wow!!

  8. Nicole Says:

    I love the sari silk! I received some with my BSBP stuff and have never worked with it before so it’s great to see all the interesting things that people can do with it. The texture is pretty amazing.

    • I though a little touch of the frilly silk would be perfect with these, too. And just happened to have the perfect red for the inspiration photo. Kismet! Thanks for stopping by today, Nicole!

  9. Linda Landig Says:

    I l0ve the contrasting textures and colors here. And I really like how you wrapped up the bit of sari silk in the middle! Great earrings!

  10. Oksana Says:

    What a gorgeous pair of earrings! Love it! The silk detail pops up beautifully. So creative!

  11. Terri G. Says:

    Fits the challenge wonderfully. I really like your approach and answer to the challenge! Fabulous!

  12. Love your earrings and all the great textures you combined! And nice wire wrapping. I’m so loving this monthly challenge.

  13. Radhika Says:

    how cute you incorporated the silk fabric they look Fab 🙂

  14. Kari Asbury Says:

    Fantastic! Love the way you used brought in the textures, along with the color to inspire you!

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