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Pinterest Pop Up Time May 27, 2014

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May is winding down…so it must be time for a post of my personal Pinterest challenge. I endeavor to try out one craft and one recipe of the many, many I pin each month.

This may be cheating a bit, but I am so happy, happy with the results of the appliquéd tea towels the women at our church retreat created. I shared this pin a couple of month’s ago while looking for the perfect crafty thing for us to do. I thought it bears repeating when I show you what happened at the retreat!

Here’s my sample:


Leggy bird towel


And these are what our ladies made!  Just adorable!

I was blown away by their creativity and use of color…And this is just half of them.

Tea Towels


And here’s a very poor photo (shot with my phone) of some of these lovely women enjoying this time together. High school to age 83! Warms my heart every time I witness these intergenerational gatherings.



On to the recipe…this is a knock-off of Panera’s Napa Valley Chicken Salad.

Summer’s coming and this sounded so perfect for lighter meals.

First, a photo to get you drooling…





I’m actually taking this to a lunch meeting today. Serving it with some of my favorite Costco Pretzel Rolls. Folks can have a scoop on a salad or in a roll.

Here’s the pin I used. Love the tarragon in the dressing!  Gives it a slight licorice taste…very refreshing. And as usual, I did fool with the recipe a bit.

I used chopped fresh tarragon, instead of dried. And swapped out dried cranberries for the green grapes. No big reason other that we buy the huge bag of cranberries at Costco, so there’s always plenty of hand. And used toasted pecans instead of almonds. Oh, and added a touch of Dijon mustard to the dressing, too.

Okay, I guess I did more than tweak it. But trust me, it is so tasty!


4 Responses to “Pinterest Pop Up Time”

  1. Oh how pretty are all of these?! I really like them and it looks like lots of fun. I’ve printed the chicken salad recipe and will be trying that this week or weekend. Thanks for the ‘heads-up’ on this one – it will be the perfect light and cool meal during our very hot (107 degree) week!! 😉

  2. dewdropdesignsjewelry Says:

    I adore those tea towels! I have no need for a tea towel, but I can’t help but want to make one now. The intergenerational women’s gathering sounds absolutely wonderful. I lost my grandparents when I was young but stilll have so much love for them in my heart. I wish they were still around for me to get to know them on an adult level and I wish so badly that they could meet my son and he could meet them. Thank you for sharing.

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