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Pearls, Pearls, Pearls…and Copper Too ! June 29, 2014

Last September, Michelle Buettner hosted a fabulous blog hop all about pearls.

Personally, this was one of my favorite hops of the year,

because I too love pearls and have a somewhat embarrassingly large cache of all kinds

that are used in many of my pieces of jewelry.

For that first hop, I challenged myself in one of my designs to pair pearls

with an unusual metal choice for me… Copper.

 Here’s a look at that piece.

pearls and copper


Copper pearls 2


I was pleasantly surprised by the number of positive comments

about the copper with pearls.

 So this time around for the Second (and hopefully, annual) Pearls, Pearls, Pearls Blog Hop,

I present to you… all copper and pearls!



Rosy pearls and copper discs


Cranberry pearl cluster


copper feathers


The copper components were created by me, either from copper sheet

or thick copper wire from the garage (thank you dear husband).

Ear wires and headpins (some sterling silver) were also made by moi.

Proud to say that all the metal elements were artisan made.

Have to give a shout out to those oysters for their fabulous work on those pearls!

I love the richness that these colored pearls add to the patinaed textured copper.


This last piece was inspired by the work of Shel herself…

Pearls and copper crimp beads on silk cord

with an etched and soldered copper cross.


cross 1


cross 3


If you want to know more, her resource page on all things “Pearls” is a must read,



To see the other lovely, pearly creations of the 2014 Pearls Blog Hop, go HERE.

Thank you, Shel, for inspiring all of us to appreciate

and create with this most lovely of gems.






34 Responses to “Pearls, Pearls, Pearls…and Copper Too !”

  1. Therese Says:

    Beautiful earrings and necklace, I love, love, love the pearls with the copper! Your hand crafted components really compliment the pearls.

  2. I love copper and pearls, and you have showcased this combination so well. Those first pair of earrings are stunning, but I don’t think I could pick a favorite. Beautiful work and great designs!

  3. pearlyqueenbee Says:

    Goodness these are all so beautiful, I love the pearls and copper on the silk cord it looks so rich, gorgeous colours that work together!

  4. Margareta Says:

    Such a lovely variety of earrings, all my favourites 😀

  5. Oh Lynda, there’s that copper and white pearl necklace that’s one of my all time favorite (it truly is!!). I’m so glad you could join us this go-round!! Your earrings are just amazing. What you do with your metal – especially the copper – is just so pretty! I do love your last necklace – thanks for giving me credit for the inspiration, but truth is, there are many times you have been mine! I just love your jewelry, each piece is so beautiful. Thank you so much for joining in the pearls blog hop. I may just take your hint and try to do a yearly thing – we’ll have to see what next year hold for us! 😉

    • HI, Shel! Glad you liked my little creations for the hop. I had so much fun with the colored pearls and copper, even the copper silk cord. May need to try some C-lon soon though.
      Thanks for all the inspiration.

  6. Fabulous as always! Especially love the earrings with the round copper elements. It is so fun to watch you become such an expert on metal working .

  7. Veralynne Says:

    Love the earrings…but the last necklace with the cross is gorgeous! Excellent work!

  8. Dian Says:

    Very pretty!!! Copper and pearls… that’s something new. Thank you for showing us. My Favorite is the last necklace and the earrings with feather textured copper.

  9. What incredible designs! I just love the look of your earrings with the copper and pearls especially the first pair.

  10. Berina Febin Says:

    beautiful creations… the copper components are very beautiful!!
    Moxie Craftie

  11. Lisa S Says:

    Gorgeous pearl earrings – The colors are so beautiful!

  12. These are just amazingly gorgeous, and inspiring! Didn’t even know there was such a thing as silk cord, have to keep my eyes open!

    • Hi, again. Silk cord is the traditional material used for knotted pearl necklaces and it comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses.Some folks prefer using products like CLon, which doesn’t stretch over time.

  13. All of your designs are so fabulous. I would love to wear all the earrings, love the copper, pearl combo.

  14. what gorgeous work! I love the metal work with your pearls – boho and stunning and pieces I’d wear everyday!

  15. Erin Siegel Says:

    Gorgeous, inspiring designs! I love your earrings. They are to die for! Your craftsmanship in every piece is perfection. You create fabulous, chic jewelry designs.

  16. Linda, you did a beautiful job with your designs, both this year and last. You have become a master at making metal bend to your whim.

  17. beadingpaula Says:

    I love all your designs but especially covet the first set of amazing earrings. Something about the copper brings out the warmth of the pearls. Gorgeous!

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