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“We’re All Ears” July Challenge July 18, 2014

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Earrings Everyday continues to inspire me

with their monthly  “We’re All Ears” challenges.

July is no exception with this powerful poster image.

Two sailing boats on Puget Sound, in Washington state.


It was posted on July 4th and besides the obvious patriotic theme,

there is so much energy and movement in photo.

Can’t you almost feel the sea spray in your face

and wind in your hair ?

My goal was to capture some of those gorgeous blues of the sea and sky…

and give the earrings a feeling of easy breezy movement.

I was pleased that their shape also mimicked some of the geometric motif in the sails.


Blue sails


blue seed bead sails 2

Funny how I just cannot seem to get away from seed beads

in these monthly challenges…is it a challenge within a challenge??


Now, I’m heading over to Earrings Everyday to see what everyone else created.

 I love earrings  !


22 Responses to ““We’re All Ears” July Challenge”

  1. What a great design! I love how you used the seed beads in your earrings.

  2. Oksana Says:

    Beautiful earrings! Very elegant! They will look great with a maxi dress!

  3. Fiona Robertson Says:

    I have a thing for those tiny beads too. I love the sway and movement in your design, it really is like sea spray, lovely xx

  4. Kelly Morgan Says:

    It’s great to see someone using seed beads in their finished design! These earrings definitely look like they will capture not only movement by the sparkle of the sun on the water.

  5. I see the waves and blue sky in your earrings. They are so delicate and beautiful.

  6. Michelle Says:

    I really like these Lynda, you’ve captured the sky and the ‘wind in the sails’ perfectly!!

  7. Alice Says:

    Your earrings are lovely! You certainly captured the color of the sea and sky. I like that these earrings are light weight, just perfect for hot summer days.

  8. Radhika Says:

    Beautiful design with seed beads 🙂

  9. tesoritrovati4800 Says:

    Those are swingy and fun! I love that they mimic the sail graphics and have a breezy quality that hints to the wisps of clouds in the blue sky. Thank you for joining in the We’re All Ears Challenge for July! Enjoy the day! Erin

  10. Cindy Says:

    Blues, breeze, and sails are represented so nicely. Those will be such fun to wear as they swing around. Love them!

  11. Cindy Says:

    You sure captured a feeling when you described the sailboat image – just love the ocean and so happy it’s summertime! You can see how you were inspired with your earring design – the dangly seedbead design is beautiful! 🙂

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