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Three in One Postie July 30, 2014

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July is winding down, so it’s time to do a little finishing up on a couple of things.

First, the Art Bead Scene challenge.

I haven’t participated in several months, maybe more…

either the art didn’t particularly inspire me or a time crunch.

This month, I was determined to push through this challenge.

That’s what makes it a challenge, right?  Here is the inspiration painting.



The Little Mermaid, 1911 by Edmund Delac

Pencil, pen, black ink, and watercolor with scratching out on paper

And here’s my necklace,  with a poly clay pendant with a glass cabochon

I had made for a Sally Russick cab challenge that I never used.

The glass pebble is backed with a scrap of Japanese rice paper.

I then encased the pebble in textured polymer clay.

After the first baking, the piece was painted with a mixture of alcohol inks and glaze.

Baked again, and varnished.

Mermaid's Tale close up

Mermaid's Tale


Next two quickies are for my monthly Pinterest Pin challenge…

I’m trying to go ahead and make some of the things that I pin, for heaven’s sake!

Crafty Me made this hanging tea light/ flower vase

from a too-cute mason jar with handle…Dollar Store score!!

(Think I heading back there tomorrow, because I decided I really, really need

more of these for summer drinks. Don’t you?)

Some beads, 18 gauge aluminum wire from the hardware store,

and baker’s twine is all I needed.

hanging flower vase

hanging glass jar



And the Foodie Me…made this fancy looking appetizer last week.

Well, not these particular ones, because I forgot to take photos.

However, I can attest to the fact that they were easy and delicious…

and impressive to guests.


Cut thick slices of a French baguette, straight across on end, slanted on the other.

Pull about some of the soft innards.

Spoon in whatever tasty dip and top with whatever veggies you like.

I made some with spicy red pepper hummus and some with a cream cheese Ranch dip.



14 Responses to “Three in One Postie”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Wow, you’ve been a busy lady! I absolutely LOVE your necklace, everything about it…the leather, the colors, the focal – you really nailed that challenge! I’ve been trying things I’ve pinned on Pinterest as well – dinner recipes, desserts…. in fact, today my son made a chocolate sheet cake by The Pioneer Woman – that was an easy hit! 🙂

  2. Patricia Herren Says:

    I too love your necklace! I have just started making beads with polymer clay and having sooo much fun with it 🙂

  3. Michelle Says:

    Your necklace is just perfect Lynda! I love the colors and your pendant is super cool, too. Thanks for the tea light and appetizer ideas – those are awesome. I really need to try some of the things I pin too – it’s just remembering to do so! LOL!!

    • Hi, Shel. I know what you mean…that appetizer was one of the first things I ever pinned…had to scroll down forever to find it. One of my daughters is actually hosting a Pinterest Party this weekend and everyone is to bring a Pinned Food to share. She and I are also providing a couple of Pinned Crafts to make. Fun!

  4. Monique U Says:

    Very pretty design with lots of edgy detail, Lynda 🙂 So nice to see you enjoying the polymer clay. Don’t forget to link up at ABS today!

    • Morning, Monique! Thanks for the reminder…Yup, did that a bit ago. Submitted my piece to ABS yesterday, but it may have missed the deadline? There are some really spectacular designs to enjoy this month, many with PC components.

  5. Love your necklace! What a cool pendant you made and I think it was meant to be that you didn’t use it before because it’s perfect for this challenge. So happy that you played along this month! I’m really bummed that I didn’t have time to make something for this challenge. I picked out the perfect art bead and even started my blog post but just never got anything completed… probably since it would be one that I kept for me it just kept getting pushed off to the side. I will eventually get it done and blog about it anyway… it just will be much, much later! I’ve also really enjoyed your adventures in making some of your pinned projects. Thanks for sharing!

    • You summed up perfectly some of my ABS challenge months lately! Only mine never got made. Love to see what you create for this painting though. It sure inspired people in so many different ways. Thanks for stopping by, Sarajo!

  6. Veralynne Says:

    Wow….aren’t you a busy bee. I love those foodie things….I have a party coming up in a few months…might just have to use these! Love the necklace. The colors are so soothing and the cabochon…that is a talent above me…..Excellent job.

  7. tesoritrovati4800 Says:

    Beautiful necklace Miss Lynda! I love the way you tied the leather cording, very nautical inspired. Those appetizers look almost too good to eat! Thank you for participating in the Art Bead Scene Challenge for July! Enjoy the day! Erin

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