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Hello, Hello….is this thing still on ? September 25, 2014

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You may (or maybe not) have noticed a lack of communication

from me for a while.

Just returned from a three-week trip to Germany, Austria, and Prague.

While most of me is back home in Southern California,

part of me is still hovering somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean.

International travel can be very intense living and I need to be patient with myself

as I make adjustments and get back to normal routines of home.

While I do have some things to share about some of the pretty, sparkly baubles

and beads I found in these travels,  more photo editing is needed.

The name of this trip could be Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Bikes,

as we made good use of all these modes of transportation.

I’m most proud of the fact that I finished two 12 mile bike rides

with my bum in pretty good shape…

one along the beautiful vineyards and small towns of the Danube.

And the other along the gorgeous Mosel River.

Glenn was in hot pursuit of the best pastries and beer,

while I enjoyed the many great Rieslings and tasty brots.

Leaving on a train

Leaving Vienna. Next stop Prague.

Pretty cool how I matched my jacket to our train, huh?




One of many great meals. Mind boggling how many ways they can prepare PORK.

Pretzels, Beer, and Wine


Reichstag Roof and Dome


Top of the Reichstag in Berlin.  Loved Berlin!




View from our room in Cochem on the Mosel.

I emailed our kids this photo and told them that we’d just bought a house in Germany

and to sell our cars, home and all our belongings and forward our mail, the cash, and the dog.


biker chick


Despite what this photo implies, I did actually ride this bike !



12 Responses to “Hello, Hello….is this thing still on ?”

  1. Donna Says:

    Looks an amazing trip. Can’t wait to see more…… Glad your home safe.

  2. debra freeland Says:

    Loved your pics and what a great trip, so green and different from Cali at the moment! Made those fabulous cheesecakes in the cupcake papers, were a hit with my children and for holidays going to use gingersnaps as the cookie and pureed pumpkin in place of the sour cream and ginger, cinammon and ground cloves to spice it up. Will let you know how it turns out. Thanks

  3. Welcome home! Looks like you had a fabulous trip… can’t wait to hear & see more of your adventures. And I love that pic of you with the train!

  4. It looks like a delightful trip. I’m looking forward to seeing the baubles. All the best, Juanita

  5. Michelle Says:

    What lovely photos – looks like you had a marvelous trip! And oh, what a lovely ‘home’ you purchased. LOL!! Such cool architecture all around – wow!! Thanks for sharing all these pics.

  6. Looks like you had a fabulous time…and accumulated some wonderful memories to boot! Would love to take a train ride through Europe…my bucket list!

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