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I Love Schmuck !! September 30, 2014

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It’s true…I am a schmuck lover.

Germany, Austria, and Prague are filled with schmuck.

And no, these countries are NOT full of idiots.

Despite the American take on this word (and there’s lots of debate on the history and meaning of American, German, and Yiddish versions),

the German noun, Schmuck, simply means Jewelry or Adornments.

In preparation for our recent travels, I did some internet searching for some good bead store options in places we’d be visiting…

especially interested in finding Czech glass beads and buttons in Prague.

Bead hunting was not a focus of this trip and this would be the only planned stop.

Despite locating the most promising bead shop in Prague

and having an agreeable husband help navigate to its doorstep,

I was very disappointed to find very limited stock.

The tiny shop was loaded with packages of seed beads

and nothing much that I could easily find here or on the internet.

And not one pretty pressed glass button. Sigh…

Maybe that’s it…so much IS available on-line now.

But you know me, I never leave a bead shop empty-handed.

czech glass beads chain

They did have this cool display of very thin leather in great colors.

leather thongs

I did read that there is some great bead shopping further north in the Czech Republic,

in Jablonec Nad Nisou, home of the famous Jablonex company.

Now for some real SCHMUCK!

Loads of crystals

Prague Crystal

Tons of garnet jewelry !

Prague Garnets

Prague glass store

Prague glass 2

While cut glass and crystal chandeliers are technically not Schmuck,

Prague was bursting with shops that practically blinded you with their sparkle.


And then there was The Antique Castle Schmuck…

including this extensive set of convertible stone rings.

convertible rings

Eltz 1

Eltz 3

Sorry about this poor photos, everything is under glass.

So temptingly close and just out of  reach.


And lastly, I did purchase two pair of earrings. One from a vendor on the Charles Bridge in Prague…

I thought the jewelry from pieces of slate were a cool reminder of all the slate roofs I admired on this trip.

slate earrings

And the other, a very small pair of lovely garnet earrings.

Czech or Bohemian garnet jewelry is historic and world renown. A perfect souvenir, don’t you think?



2 Responses to “I Love Schmuck !!”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Oh what beautiful schmuck you found!! Love being blinded by all the crystal ‘bling’ in the shops! Thanks for sharing and making me drool this morning!! 🙂

  2. Kathy Zee Says:

    Really enjoyed seeing all the glitz and love the earrings you purchased. Must have been a disappointment to not find many Czech beads there. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

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