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Doesn’t Feel Like Fall… October 4, 2014

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So I’ve been whining a bit that even though the calendar says it’s been officially Fall for several weeks now, the thermometer says otherwise. In the upper nineties again and likely to stay that way for a while. (Beg forgiveness from those who suffered last winter’s severe storms.) Meanwhile the media and internet sites, (cooking, clothing, jewelry) that I follow are chock full of gorgeous Autumn colors and flavors. I want to make big pots of soup, wear thick sweaters, and (pay someone else) to sweep up the giant piles of lovely leaves from our liquid amber trees in the back yard.

Meanwhile, regardless of my personal feelings about the current state in the weather, I need to get moving on some jewelry making. These two Autumn inspired necklaces have been finished recently. The first one sits up high with the copper leaf falling just under the collar bone, using copper chain and waxed linen cord.  The leather strap and brassy chain piece is 35 inches in length, more with the focal piece of Rainbow Agate and Turquoise drops.

copper leaf necklace

copper leaf close up

Leather strap necklace

This one is an add-on today…I’m apparently on a roll! Finally!

chunky citrine 2

Again with a leather strap and brass findings…

stones are rough chunks of citrine, I think. Someone help me out?

Chunky citrine

How is your Autumn going?

Any jewelry inspirations from this season?

Love to hear what you’re up to !


8 Responses to “Doesn’t Feel Like Fall…”

  1. Amy Says:

    Hi there.
    Is the second necklace, the longer one, for sale? It’s gorgeous 🙂
    A x

  2. Monique U Says:

    Very soothing colours 🙂

  3. debra freeland Says:

    Love the horny toad, is that what it is? The composition is beautiful and like the long length.

  4. Michelle Says:

    These are so beautiful Lynda and definitely put me in the ‘Fall’ mood! It’s not too ‘fall-ish’ around these parts either. Between 97 – 101 these last few days. Morning are in the 70’s which is awesome, but everything’s still green (or brown) here in the desert. I think that last one is citrine. Sure looks like it. I need to get some things created – it’s been awhile and I miss it!!

    • Thanks, Shel! It felt really good to get out all the Fall-ish materials and mess around. And thanks for the vote for citrine. I’m terrible at saving labels and tags of things.
      Hope you’re sitting at your workbench very soon!

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