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A Good Day… October 20, 2014

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I know I’ve got my creative making juices flowing again when I wake up

in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep

because I’ve got all these ideas for jewelry in my brain.

Gave up on the sleep and got up in the dark.

Confused the dog who thought it was time for breakfast at 4:00.

Made stuff until I ran out of ear wires.

Need to work on that tomorrow.

Here are just a few things I finished today.


copper omega and blue










copper swirls


sterling swirls


         Using Czech glass leaves, fresh water pearls,     howlite, agate, turquoise. lamp work glass,                        ‘sea glass’, chalcedony, Swarovski crystal






glass trio


Stick pendant necklaces






           Textured sterling pendant necklaces

     with turquoise and

          chalcedony briolettes.




agate stack

And here’s the little giveaway I promised to you, dear readers…for your wonderful support these last four years and the over 101,000 visits to this blog.

Just add your comment to this blog post to have your name entered. Be sure to leave an email contact. Closes Monday, October 27th.

Oh, and here’s what you will win…a pair of hand shaped, etched copper pendant earrings in a feather design.

With gorgeous Boro glass beads and sterling silver ear wires.


copper feathers



Best of luck !



24 Responses to “A Good Day…”

  1. Linda Murphy Says:

    You must be tired. Everything looks great.

  2. Hi Lynda, Thanks for sharing your journey. It helps me stay focused. Hoping to win the earrings.

  3. Cindy Taylor Says:

    As always awesome. Never get tired of seeing your new creations.

  4. Donna Says:

    Love your sleeplessness. wish mine were as productive.

  5. Shirley Says:

    I’m seriously earring challenged, so I’m thrilled for a chance to win these lovelies! And glad to have found your blog. Congratulations on 4 years!

  6. Mary Redman Says:

    Everything you created is beautiful! The etched copper earrings would look great in my ears! 🙂 Thanks for having a fun giveaway!

  7. Mary Price Says:

    Obviously night becomes you! Your creations are truly wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Kimberly Stelly Says:

    I totally understand the 4 o’clock jewelry-making session – I have done exactly the same thing! I really love your wire work, and I particularly love the textured Sterling bar and chalcedony briolette necklace from this post. So pretty!!

  9. Wow! That’s some beautiful creativity!

  10. Mona Arnott Says:

    Beautiful creations Lynda. Congratulations on hour achievements. I love all the earrings but especially the giveaway pair. The boro beads are gorgeous. What is that pattern?

    • Hello, Mona! Yes, aren’t they beautiful! They’re a Unicorne teardrop shape in a sea green mix. Sorry I don’t remember the exact name of the color, but pretty sure they are fairly common to purchase on the internet.

  11. Melinda Hanson Says:

    Those giveaway earrings are beautiful, Lynda!

  12. Lisa Yang Says:

    I love your projects and they were well worth the sleepless night. Please enter me in your giveaway and congratulations on your 100k milestone. How exciting!

  13. wirednan Says:

    I love all these new earrings, Lynda. I know what you mean . There’s been many nights when I’ve wanted to get up and work on jewelry but it would wake up the whole household so I restrain myself and just do some drawing and surfing the web. I love these etched copper earrings and would be thrilled to win them.

  14. Beth Hagman Says:

    You’re always inspiring, Linda. I particularly admire your copper work…

  15. I often get those middle of the night jewelry-making urges and get some of my best creations then. There is something about being up when the rest of the household and neighborhood is asleep that is intoxicating somehow. Your session was amazingly productive. So many lovely earrings!

  16. Brenda Heald Says:

    Love the feather etched earrings

  17. Candy Watts Says:

    Hello, Lynda. I saw this on the Lima Beads site, to which I am now addicted. I’ve been a beader for about five years now, but my friend and I sell in our church during our coffee hour between services, and the monies go to missions projects (local, national and international); so far we’ve donated about $10,000, so we are very thankful for our faithful customers! I see you are also interested in faith-based initiatives. :o) Your jewelry is beautiful, and inspires me to take on new challenges! God bless you and yours..

  18. Love your designs as always!

  19. Terri G. Says:

    So glad you got your mojo back! But yikes..4 in the morning….oh well… it happens when it happens. And what beautiful earrings you created! Sign me up for sure for a chance to win one of your beautiful creations.

  20. Laureen Says:

    I am always so inspired by your creativity and enthusiasm. Love all the new earrings and thanks for the inspiration……

  21. Lynn Carling Says:

    I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your beautiful creations. The earrings are all lovely and I love your new necklaces! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win those beautiful etched earrings!

  22. Betty Dunn Says:

    Earrings are beautiful !!!

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