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My Hands Hurt October 25, 2014

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Spent this morning hammering away on some sterling silver and copper textured pendants. The copper was recycled thick wire, probably 12 gauge, from the garage. Makes great earring pendants to hang pretty beads and stones from. Really tried to keep my thumb out of the way, but it’s still sore from the reverberation of the pounding on the bench block. Because the pieces start out as only one inch in length, I need to hold them pretty close to the edge of the block. And, get this…the copper seemed to heat up as I worked the metal!  Anyone else ever notice this? Not super hot, where I wanted to let go…but a definite heat sensation. Probably something to do with creating energy from the hammering that travels down the wire?

Anyway the end of my thumb and hands need a rest after the pounding, filing, hole punching, more filing, oxidizing, and polishing. Everything is in the tumbler for several hours. Cannot wait to open up the tumbler tonight…one of my favorite things about metal work is seeing the final, super shiny pieces that result.

Here’s a peek at some other things I’ve made this week…


Wings pendant













greencopper bracelet

Vibrant green faceted glass rounds on thick knotted Irish waxed linen cord, with a suede leather strap closure.

copper bargreen bracelet



And a remake of a necklace I made for the Pearls challenge.

Not fully happy with my pearl stringing, perhaps too much space between each pearl?

I think the visual impact of the close spacing

of these gorgeous freshwater coin pearls is much better.

The necklace also sits up much higher on the neck which I like for this one.

copper cross remake




Lastly, there’s still time if you wanted to throw your name into the hat

for the etched copper earrings. Entries close on this Tuesday night.

Just comment on this post.

copper feathers


Hope your weekend is shaping up to be a great one !





14 Responses to “My Hands Hurt”

  1. Kathy Zee Says:

    Linda, i sure do love your work. Its so beautiful. The pearl necklace with the leather is super cute. And of course all your earrings are fabulous. Love the copper! Hope I win!

  2. Nancy Duke Says:

    LOVE your earrings and I really enjoy all your posts!

  3. I suspect it heated up from the friction. I loved your other pearl and cross necklace (too.)

  4. Tina Says:

    I just found you and have signed up for email updates. Love your work. Would be fun to win!

  5. lyounk09 Says:

    Lynda these are all lovely pieces. I particularly like the pearl with cross pendant necklace and those earrings are just awesome.

  6. Great work, Lynda! My favorite is that first necklace.
    Yes, I think I’ve noticed the heating — friction is a good explanation, and what happens is that the crystal structure of the metal changes as it flattens, and it hardens — that might let off some energy of its own too. I had the best weekend, 15 h of metal class: spent maybe an hour pulling some sterling wire, got it thinned from 4mm to about 3.2 mm, and I also noticed that it heated slightly in that process.
    Give your thumb a few days rest! 🙂

  7. Very inspiring. You have motivated me to get the hammer out for Fall. I actually like the space between the coin pearls because it makes it look distinct.

  8. Mary B Says:

    Love all your work. I especially like the wings necklace and the earrings. Hope your hands start to feel normal☺

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