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She’s a Winner ! October 29, 2014

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She’s a winner…and I’m off to FRANCE !

Well, not me really, but my earrings are.

Which is totally cool when I think about it.

Beth Hagman is twice lucky…she lives in Southern France

AND was lucky commenter number 15 in the earring giveaway

(according to

I had the good fortune a couple of years ago

to explore the area of the picturesque and tasty Dordogne Valley

and southern regions.

Wishing I could fold myself up small enough to squeeze into this package

that will soon be on its way there.

copper feathers


Thanks, everyone,  for all your lovely comments !



2 Responses to “She’s a Winner !”

  1. Robin Miller Says:

    Now you can call your business “Fresh Baked Designs International”!

  2. Hey, that’s a marvelous idea, Robin…then I could write off my travel expenses to Europe, right?

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