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Pin Me! October 30, 2014

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Almost forgot my year-long Pinterest self-challenge this month…I’m admitting up front that I’m a total dud for the Crafty Pin lately. My excuse is that all my creative energy is focused on jewelry for some upcoming fairs in November. That said, you’ll notice that this does not apply to food. I still have plenty of energy to try out some new recipes. Made a yummy Thai Chicken Salad with a Chili-Lime Peanut dressing last night for dinner.  Sadly wasn’t thinking at the time about photos or pinning, just eating.

So today I decided to do a quick, fun, and messy Halloween dessert. I pinned this recipe last week thinking it was just too cute with no intention of making it, but for some reason, I just couldn’t get these cupcakes out of my mind…

Candy Corn Cupcakes! from I AM BAKER.  I used a French Vanilla boxed cake mix…divided the batter and colored them yellow and orange. Layered the batters into cupcake papers.  Baked. Cooled. Frosted with cream cheese frosting. Not too sweet, because the crowning glory is a glaze made from Candy Corn, melted with little bit of water. I had a little batter left over for the tiny cakes…which ended up being more marbled than layered.

You’ll notice in these photos that my drizzling skills are not up to snuff.

But don’t think the family will mind once they taste these sweet treats!


cc 1








                Hope your Halloween is the sweetest ever !


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