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Leather Necks December 9, 2014

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I’m going out on a limb with this post title of Leather Necks…living in a city with a substantial military presence, including a huge Marine airbase. As I was making these pieces, this title just kept popping into my head. Having nothing better to take its place, that’s what I’m going with…with all do respect to the Marines.

Love, love this wide suede neck strap on these pieces (close to 1/2 inch width). Love the color, soft texture, and feel of these. Couldn’t find a local source, so I had to go on line. Wishing I could get it in a continuous roll rather than pre-cut lengths. I have all these left over shorter pieces to play with…so I may have to get busy with some bracelets soon.

The first three necklaces have some cute brass pendants and are liberally sprinkled with an eclectic mix of left over beads.  That bumble bee pendant is just too cute!

These are very l-o-n-g. And look great with t-shirts, sweaters, and tunics.

leather necks 1

Leather neck 2

leather neck 3

Leather neck 4

leather neck 5

  This last one is my attempt to ‘marry’ the leather

with some smooth, lustrous, creamy pearls.

I just may need to take this one out for a test drive !


6 Responses to “Leather Necks”

  1. Schweet! Loving the look of the long necklaces! And, I am truly crushing on your mix of pearls with leather!

  2. Monique U Says:

    I’ve always loved leather and fabric neck pieces (so comfy) and yours are really lovely, Lynda 🙂

  3. I would love to see a pic of these necklaces worn. I really like the owl.

    • Hey, Cindi! Ask and it shall be! Just posted a photo of the pearls and leather necklace on. The others are all in a shop, so no chance to photo them, but a good idea to add that to the photo job in the future. Thanks!

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