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Down to the Wire Gift Idea December 20, 2014

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Yeah, I do have my very last Crafty Me Pinterest idea…just found it and had to try it out. Perfect if you’re in need of a quick gift idea. I’m thinking a pair of Christmas candlesticks. In a jewel tone green. I had two candlesticks in the cupboard from The Dollar Tree. Two bucks.

Perfect to try this out on.

Do you have anything clear glass around the house…candlestick, empty pickle jar, old vase?

Any Elmer’s School glue and some food coloring?  Then, you are set !

Mix about a teaspoon of glue with a few drops of water. Mix in 3 drops of food coloring. More if you want a deeper color. Make sure that your glass piece is clean and dry. I worked on some waxed paper, because the glue won’t stick to it. Directions suggest a sponge brush, but I used a small paintbrush because that’s what I had. “Less is more” technique here. A little glue-paint goes along way and leaves fewer brush marks.

green glass 2


green glass

candle sticks


The directions said to use Elmer’s School Glue…the white stuff. I only had Elmer’s Clear.  And suggested using cake decorating gel…

I only had the regular kind.

And here’s the finished product. I did give these a second coat to see if the color would deepen.

Sure did!


 Below is a sample of the how the white glue variation is suppose to turn out…a gorgeous ‘beach glass’ effect. Definitely going to give that a try too.




                                       Happy crafting !








4 Responses to “Down to the Wire Gift Idea”

  1. Kathleen Davis Says:

    How much glue did you use? Those are simply gorgeous.

  2. tdedwards6 Says:

    A few drops of glue with water???

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    MTG Meet Train Gather 3036 Northeast Parkway Suite 101 Atlanta, GA 30360 Sent from my iPhone


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