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Quick Post of New Work January 23, 2015

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Happy Friday, everyone!

I’m still getting components and finished jewelry ready for the February 7th event…

With over 60 crafters, really feeling like I really need to bring my A game.

Just finished up this butterfly necklace with some lovely pearls.

Butterfly and pearls

Next are just a few earrings…

abalone pearls

Feather etch

flower etch

Flower etch with turn

 I hope that what sets my jewelry apart is that most all the components,

ear wires and headpins are hand made with lots of love and care.

And finally, a little progress report on my bezel setting work with this lapis agate.  I used a the sweat soldering technique to attach the ball details and bail. Which means melting tiny pieces of solder on the back of each piece first. Then hitting the setting from underneath with the flame to ‘remelt’ the solder to attach these pieces to the backing. Last steps were to set the stone and then a good polish and tumble.  My plan is to make a wire wrapped beaded chain with these beautiful little lapis lazuli stones I purchased at Lost Cities.

lapis agate pendant

Lapis agate with strand

Hope your weekend is a great one !



6 Responses to “Quick Post of New Work”

  1. beth Says:

    Good luck Linda. Whats the event on the 7th and where? I used to live in Murrieta/Temecula area but husband got a job in New Orleans.
    Don’t know how i fell about being here yet:(
    You’ll do great. Love all your creation.

    • Morning, Beth! Wow, New Orleans…that will take a bit of adjustment from Southern California. Best wishes for a smooth move.
      The event is in Tierra Santa on Feb. 7th, 10 am to 3 pm at the Villa Norte Park. It’s called Crafting for the Cure to benefit The American Cancer Society.
      Also food trucks, kid’s activities, celebration of survivors, a relay for life. Lots going on. Thanks for asking!
      Here’s a link to their FB page with more info:

  2. Love that butterfly necklace with those gorgeous pearls!!! And those lapis beads…well..that’s my favorite stone and color! Tour bezel set pendant is perfection! Best of luck at your upcoming show!

  3. Great job with the sweat soldering, I’ve done that too! Isn’t it exciting?! That will be a real glamorous party necklace when it’s finished 🙂 .

    Your craft show pieces are superb as usual, definitely A grade, but I have to give you a piece of advice — learned the hard way! In the pic it seems like you used an open jump ring to attach the pendant to beading wire? That is a disaster, it will fall off (you could test it)! I did that with the black and silver “Downton”-inspired necklace I posted earlier this month, and I even put TWO jump rings, but they came off one after the other! Luckily I tried it on myself before giving it away, and had just enough time to fix it: not properly, but I did a triple wrap with o.6 mm wire, good enough. Next time I will solder the jump rings closed before stringing!

    And a piece of advice on tin soldering from my hubby (who does it on a tiny scale on electronics components) 😉 : use magnification! Get a magnifying headband, or a magnification glass that stands by itself. The larger the area seems to be, the less your hands shake, and the better the precision! Guess I’ll have to keep that in mind too…

    • Wow, thanks for some great pieces of advice, Monica. I will definitely take these to heart. This is exactly what I love about being apart of such a kind, generous blog community of
      makers. The class I’m taking does have some of those headbands, but I haven’t tried them yet. Now, on my list!

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