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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood February 9, 2015

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While I don’t normally sell at craft markets, it was hard to pass this one up…Crafting for the Cure. Vendor fees, raffle ticket sales, food sales all went to support The American Cancer Society. That feels really good…

It was a glorious San Diego day, in a beautiful park with lovely shady trees. Although I didn’t really sell much, I had great conversations with some of the 60 other vendors and people who stopped by the booth. Can’t complain.

A professional photographer even stopped by to take some photos. Glad to have this record of how I set up the tent. One thing I noticed that I am missing…if I do decide to try some other events like this…is signage. Really liked some of the professional looking banners that other vendors had displayed.

I’ll definitely have a good think about this…



4 Responses to “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”

  1. Cia Says:

    Thank you for the kind email. Marcia Wall from See It My Way Photo

  2. Caron Lambert Says:

    Oh my gosh it looks like the day was beautiful. We have 3 feet of snow and more coming later this week. I live near Syracuse, NY, and I would give anything to see grass and sunshine. You are blessed! I think the signage is a good idea. VistaPrint does signs fairly cheaply. It could just be something hanging along the front of the tent. Your booth looks wonderful!

    • Yikes! I’ve been reading about all the terrible storms that keep hammering the East Coast. Wishing I could package up some of this sunshine and send it your way.And thanks so much for the reminder about Vista Print. They are the company that makes my business cards that also double as earring cards. I’ll definitely include them in my research.

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