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Done… February 14, 2015

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This piece has been in process for many weeks…and today, it is finished. Last step was three hours in the tumbler…after oxidizing and hand polishing. My nails are a total mess, but I’m happy-hearted.

This is by far my most challenging piece of jewelry.

lapis agate necklace

lapis agate necklace 2

And on to the next project…another pendant necklace. This time I wanted to use an etched copper back plate. The ocean jasper will first be soldered to a sterling silver back plate. Trimmed to leave a bit of silver edge showing around the stone. I’m going for a layered look. The small green agate will hang below the pendant.

          In my mind at least, this is how it will look.  We shall see…

in process ocean agate

ocean agate pendant


8 Responses to “Done…”

  1. Caron Lambert Says:

    It looks amazing! You should be really proud of yourself. The color of the oxidized metal is absolutely perfect with the blue agate. Truly brilliant.

  2. sjmcclelland Says:

    the necklace is beautiful. Looking forward to see how you next piece turns out – the engraved copper is very cool.

  3. Joanne Says:

    Great job,,,,,,I know the feeling,, when you have no nails left from wiring!

  4. Gardi89 Says:

    It’s a really gorgeous necklace 🙂 The next piece is looking quite interesting, I’m waiting to see how it will turn out.

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