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UPs and DOWNs March 4, 2015

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Yesterday was a day of ups and downs…jewelry-wise. The best UP was receiving a lovely little package in the mail all the way from British Columbia. I shared about my entry in the Earrings Everyday blog challenge in my last post. What I didn’t share was that I won one of the contributor’s give-aways! A pair of earrings made by Nathalie Lesage! Whoop! Of my choice from her pewter collection! Double whoop!!

Okay, enough exclamation marks. Enough to say that I really admire her work in all metals and she is a master at creative wire wrapping. You will definitely want to treat yourself to a peek at her blog. Must add that her packaging is so lovely and professional…a treat to open and reveal the treasure inside.


















When looking at all the great choices, I was immediately drawn to this pair of mixed metals and cool embellishments.

Love everything about these long beauties.  Thank you, Nathalie!

Celine earrings


And now for the DOWNER…I’ve really been struggling in the jewelry class lately. This current project is not going smoothly. It took me five times to sweat solder the sterling silver bezel to an etched copper back plate. Grrr…  Then, last night I was soldering a pretty swirly bail to another small bezel and melted it. Really melted it.  Unrepairable. Into the scrap bowl.  This bezel was to hold a gorgeous little green agate that would hang below the larger pendant. At least in my mind.

Double Grrr…

So today, I decided to work on the piece at home rather than wait another week, because I was starting not to like it and needed to get on with the work or dump it.  The upshot is that I’m encouraged because soldering the two swirly bails onto the back plate went really well. Starting to see the possibilities again with this pendant. Not what I originally had planned, but close perhaps.  I need to finish setting the stone, oxidize and polish the piece. Thinking of making a wire wrapped stone and leather neck strap to complete it.  Encouraged is a good word, isn’t it?














3 Responses to “UPs and DOWNs”

  1. Sorry I didn’t find the time to comment on your lovely blue-silver pendant from the class, Lynda, it was absolutely perfect! 🙂 (About adding patina: I think it is a good idea on most things three-dimensional.)
    This one looks promising too — and remember: we learn from our mistakes… even though we hate the process! It will be easier the next time, as you already found out. And as for turning out as planned: I sometimes end up SO far from that, that I start worrying I can’t honestly offer people to do a certain piece for them, because it will end up like in the fairy tale: the ordered coat that turned into a pair of mittens.
    I like that the backside of this pendant looks good too, and can’t wait to see how it will all turn out!

    • Hello, Monica! Thanks so much for the encouraging words. I am feeling much better about the prospects of this piece…just going with the flow Ha! Get it? Going with the solder flow!

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