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Another One Done ! March 14, 2015

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Not doing much in the way of jewelry making these days, but definitely need to pick it up again…another crafty affair on March 28th. Since I live in a very large urban-suburban area, I am trying out a couple of different locations to see who’s buying.  This one is about 20 miles away on the coast and will benefit a high school’s athletic program.

We shall see…

The one project I did follow through on was finally finished up today. I knew it would involve some leather. Pretty happy that I didn’t scrap the project, even though I came close a couple of times. It’s all about the learning. And sometimes things just don’t end up how you thought they would, but they are still fine and dandy.

Here’s a look…copper bezel 2

copper bezel front

Copper bezel back

Copper bezel 1

copper bezel 3

I like the fact that the beading and leather slide strap compliment a rather large (for me) bezel setting. Enough details to keep it interesting, but not a distraction.

And that it is adjustable! Full length is 32 inches, but can be almost any length you wish.

So on to the next one… here’s a peek. It may involve copper or sterling leaves.

Just beginning to play around with those.

copper leaf


6 Responses to “Another One Done !”

  1. Robin Miller Says:

    Hello – Wonderful necklace!! Did you use a saw to cut out the background? I’m struggling to learn to use my saw, and I break a blade every time I try – But each time, I can saw a little longer before it breaks a gain.


    • Thank you, Robin! Funny you should ask…I actually started to use a saw, but figure I might be able to just cut it with scissors. Since the copper is a softer metal and it was not very thick…it worked like a charm. Keep on practicing with that blade! It does get easier. I found that sitting lower down really helped me. And of course, waxing the blade.

  2. debra freeland Says:

    Really love this one Lynda. You have become such an accomplished jewelry designer!

    • Hello, Debra! Thanks so much for your kind comments today. This certainly did not go as planned (serendipity!), but I am pretty pleased with the end result. Learned a few things along the way too that I hope will be helpful on the next project.

  3. Gardi89 Says:

    Great necklace:) I love those scrolls (for the lack of better word) that attach the chain to the pendant.

    • Good morning! At least it’s still morning where I live…Thank you for taking time to comment (and noticing that little detail on the back). That only took one soldering try.
      Attaching the silver bezel to the copper back plate took five times to get it right. A real lesson in perseverance!

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