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We’re All Ears…Macro Magic! March 20, 2015

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Yeah! The reveal for the March We’re All Ears challenge from the Earrings Everyday blog is today. They provide such unique and fun inspirations for those of us who love to make earrings. This month’s challenge kind of takes us full circle…with some out-of-this-world macro photos of damselflies by Martin Amm. The very first challenge, a little over a year ago, was also of these gorgeously colored creatures.

Here’s a look back at the first challenge…Love is in the air!


And my wire and seed bead response… where I focused on the shape and colors in the inspiration.

Dragonfly Earrings

And here is the current inspiration…a series of amazing macro photos by Martin Amm.

                         This time they are adorned with hundreds of tiny dew drops.




For this challenge I decided to focus on the dew drops and try to get some 3-D effect. I do like how they achieve that, but I am definitely not happy with the photos…hard to get the 3-D aspect and all the subtle facets in these beads, both the pale blue drops and the faceted crystals. Even tried three different backgrounds.

bubbles 2

bubbles 3

bubbles 1

Happily, these will be donated to a local library that runs a fabulous event for local high school girls…A Prom Gown Giveaway.

The library collects new and gently used prom dress and hosts a give away in April. They also collect jewelry to jazz up the girls’ prom dress choices.  My library’s jewelry class made 100 pair of fancy earrings again this year for the event.  Makeovers are also provided by California Hair Design Academy. Bravo again to our libraries for all they do!

You can go see what others were inspired to create over at Earrings Everyday. Enjoy!


30 Responses to “We’re All Ears…Macro Magic!”

  1. Sarajo Wentling Says:

    Pretty earrings! Some young lady will be so thrilled to have those. I LOVE the idea of that library program and that your jewelry class made earrings to help support it. I wonder how they would look on just a white background…if that might help the color and cut come out a little more.

    • Not sure if our libraries are unique, but they sure do some wonderful community outreach. The jewelry class was started by one of the librarians as a way of bringing people together to socialize. And they do! But they also created some really great jewelry.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Beautiful!! I love them!!

  3. Alice Says:

    I like that you chose to focus on the water drops. Your earrings are beautiful.

  4. oksana Says:

    Linda, both pairs are beautiful! Great job! I also used some similar tear drops in my earrings — what a coincidence.

  5. Metal Bunny Says:

    I love the earrings you made! I also participated in this challenge.

    Greetings, Metal Bunny

  6. Oh, I am so glad you shared your wonderful earrings from last year’s damselfly challenge, and the utterly creative ones for this challenge. Bravo.

  7. Terri G. Says:

    These are awesome! Totally represents the dew. How sweet of you to donate them.

  8. Kathy Lindemer Says:

    I really like the colors and shape of the first pair. They really mirror the photo. Very unique and pretty!

  9. Karin Says:

    Love the depth you created with the contrast of the matte and shimmer in the seed bead pair. They deliver almost as much sparkle as the damselfly herself! And how fun that your second pair is going to the prom!

  10. debra freeland Says:

    I think the first photo was the best and really showed their beautiful. Our beautiful library is in negotiations to be taken over by an outside company because the homeless has decided to make it their home in the daytime. I feel sad for them especially in the summer but it has chased away all the children and supporters.

  11. Tammy Adams Says:

    I can absolutely see dew drops in that design. Beautifully done. And I think the last photo really shows the depth and transparency of the beads.

  12. Terri Says:

    The seed bead design is very pretty, luv the soft curves 🙂 The water droplets really capture the dew drops on the fly, very nice !

  13. You nailed it with the first pair , outstanding!

  14. I love your reference to the first damselfly challenge, and I realized for the first time that there is a heart shape in the photo. Your earrings for the first challenge are so full of color and charm. Glad you shared those with us again. I adore this month’s water droplet earrings. Even better I love the cause to which you are contributing. The prom dresses, the jewelry, and the hair stylists are going to make those girls feel so special and beautiful. The library jewelry class rocks! Fab idea. I can totally relate to the photography woes. Getting great photos, especially of clear beads, is a real challenge.

  15. Mona Arnott Says:

    A lovely donation for your local prom event. Very pretty

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