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The Joys of LOS March 25, 2015

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Once again, I am amazed and amused at what LOS can do to a piece of jewelry. I use it mostly on copper, but do love what it can do to sterling silver. Not much experience with brass metal at this point. By the way, I prefer the gel version of the product.

Today I was excited to see how it also changes inexpensive base metal components. I had planned to paint these 50 cent silver-colored filigree diamonds with Ranger alcohol inks (another favorite treatment), but decided to try them in Liver of Sulphur. I had a batch mixed up to darken some copper wire wrapped earrings, so…why not?

Wow! Now, I will admit that since this was an experiment, I probably should have stopped messing with them sooner. And I did not have the presence of mind to take pre-photos. One pair turned a beautiful steel-blue color. The next pair, a gorgeous iridescent rainbow of colors. After a few more dips in the pool, one settled on steel gray and the other a pretty brass color, with very subtle pinks and greens. They started out as a very bright silver, like these..


These are the earring created with them. Sadly you cannot really see those pinks and green in this photo.


Next time, I will try to exercise my impulse control and stop the process sooner! I am also not sure if there is away to control the outcome of the LOS treatment. I do heat up the metal in a hot water bath before the LOS, as it does speed up the process.

If anyone has more advice on it’s use, do please share…love to understand more.

I have learned how to create different shades in copper…total black, steel gray, or that rich antique copper I love.

glass drops

                                            One last note about LOS is a warning…

                                 If you don’t want your sterling silver rings to do this…


                                                                     WEAR GLOVES !!

Actually this is just the effect on those cheap silver filigree components I had,

before I went overboard. Darn!

And all you San Diego locals ! If you’re in the Point Loma neighborhood, come see me at Point Loma High School this Saturday, from 9:00-3:00 for the Pointers Arts and Crafts Faire. Lots of Fresh Baked Designs and I’d love to meet you!


4 Responses to “The Joys of LOS”

  1. beth Says:

    always looking forward to reading your blog and to see your latest creations. thank you for sharing & hopefully soon i’ll be able to share my work with everyone. Good day y’all!

  2. sweetbeadstudio Says:

    I’m a big fan of gel LOS as well. What a difference it makes! Your earrings are beautiful – I especially love the wire wrapped crystal. Have a good time at the upcoming arts and crafts fair!

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