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Long time, no posting… May 28, 2015

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I’m back. Did you miss me? Two weeks touring some sights in the South and along the East coast. Been in and out of the Atlanta airport probably 10 times, but never outside the airport until now. Loved seeing another part of our beautiful country.  Ate shrimp and grits for the first time and loved, loved it!  Also, collard greens…a bit too vinegary for my taste. Saw some lovely, historic cities…especially Charleston. Ended our trip with five wonderful days in Washington, DC.  DC always makes me more proud and more humble that I was before.

Also returned to the Adult School jewelry class to try my hand at PMC for the first time. Missed out on a couple of lessons, but as always, the teacher and other students are so generous to help each other catch up. I knew that this product was pricey, but have to say that I was still a bit shocked at the tiny amount in the packet for 33 dollars.

I decided to start very simply with a hand formed cross. Like playdoh, I rolled out a long thin worm, stamped a design into one end and folded it over to form the vertical piece. Rolled and stamped the shorter cross-bar and carefully placed it underneath.  Made a tiny amount of slip with a bit of the clay and distilled water to ‘paint’ all around where the two piece join to secure them. I also used the tiny paintbrush dipped in the water to smooth out any cracks or ragged edges.


After letting the piece dry over night, it was time to torch fire it. I still find myself holding my breath sometimes when I’m soldering…but didn’t think this would work so well after learning the cross would probably take almost 10 minutes of torching.

Ten minutes that seemed like an hour! This is what it looked like when cooled. Notice the nice scorched mark on the firing block.


Next step is cleaning it.  Scrubbed with OOOO steel wool. This is just the initial step in polishing…just removing the thin top layer of white metal.


It’s very shiny…but the shiny white of pure silver.  So it won’t tarnish. I’m stopping here for a bit to decide the next step.  Oxidize or not.

And how to finish the necklace.  Simple silver chain?  Beaded chain?                 With stones? Leather cord? Strand of pearls?  Thinking about who might wear a cross like this. What finishes would they like?

                              I’m open to ideas, people! What do you think?


10 Responses to “Long time, no posting…”

  1. debra freeland Says:

    Hi Lynda
    I really love this design!!! Don’t make whatever you hang it on too fussy because the cross is the absolute star of this project.

  2. Becky Huebner Says:

    I think a tiny bit of oxidizing to highlight the details and then a simple silver chain with a few tiny moonlight crystals dangling from one side. Just me. 🙂

  3. Shirley Says:

    I’m with Becky, some highlights. This definitely looks guy worthy, from a teen to a dad. Really cool design!

  4. I make tiny glass crosses from fused glass and I have been putting them on chain with 7 crystals wire wrapped on one side to symbolize 7 days.

  5. Hi Linda…

    Yes you were missed. Welcome back. Sounds like a very refreshing trip.

    The PMC cross is very nice with the cloth drape and subtle design.. Difficult to tell the size of the cross in the picture and if substantial size suggest mixing leather, chain and pearls and on the longer side – 22” to 24”. Looking forward to viewing the finished piece.


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