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Putting myself out there… June 15, 2015

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Here where I live, we are in the middle of a yearly event…a month long County Fair. My husband and I used to work there in the summers as it provided some nice extra income for us teachers who didn’t get a paycheck in the summer. We also got kind of burned out on the whole fair experience…now we only go maybe every few years to enjoy the exhibits of woodworking, photography, fine art, cows, sheep, and of course the gem, minerals and jewelry.  Okay, and maybe some really tasty, expensive, and bad-for-you fair food. Darn hard to pass up that corn dog. New favorite is the BBQ corn on the cob with chipoltle mayonnaise. Oh, my!

This year, a few of us in the jewelry class egged/encouraged each other to enter the jewelry competition. And we did. I entered two bezel set stone necklaces. Surprisingly easy and love that it is not juried, so everyone has a wonderful opportunity to share their work.  Last Wednesday night was the reception for the exhibitors with an opportunity to meet the judges and other jewelry artists, and see our scores and comments. My favorite part was to walk around with a judge as he commented on each piece. Very enlightening to hear what he was looking for, appreciated, and thought could be improved.  While I didn’t win any ribbons, it was great to get some professional opinions and suggestions.

I’ll admit it was a bit scary putting my work out there for judging, but in the end, I got some worthwhile feedback to improve the work I’m interested in doing on this leg of my jewelry journey.

fair entries 4

I need to set the stones up higher for a better, tighter fit on the bezel. And need to work on a finer finish to the pieces. They liked the flow of the designs and creative balled jump rings. My display was very plain and clean. If I do it again, I’ll think a bit more about spicing it up a bit. I was more of an after-thought on my part, but is 10% of the score.

Also saw some really amazing jewelry! Both in the amateur and professional categories. It was exciting to see that Sandy from our little group won third place in the lost wax cast jewelry. Woot!

Last week was also the last metals class for the session. Whaaa! No more until the Fall. I did finish up my tiny amount of PMC with these two pendants. And decided to keep the finished cross on a simple snake chain. Keeper or sell it, not sure yet. PMC was fun to try, and even though I feel confident enough to make these at home, not sure I’ll continue to explore this medium.

cross 1

                       Filed, sanded, oxidized, polished, and tumbled.

     Frustrating that my photos don’t show just how shiny they are.

PMC pendants

Have you ever been tempted to put your jewelry in a juried show or judging situation?  Care to share your experience?  I’d love to hear what you thought and how it might have effected what you create now.


11 Responses to “Putting myself out there…”

  1. Mary B Says:

    I love your PMC work. I haven’t tried that yet but am quite interested in getting into it. You do really nice work!

  2. I love following your blog posts, enjoy your work and stories. You’ve inspired me to try new ideas too. I have a PMC set I haven’t yet dug into, maybe this summer, and bezels are on my want to conquer before I die list.

    • Morning, Erinn! Wow, thanks for the encouragement to keep sharing. I would encourage you to try PMC. You can do it at home if you have some experience with a torch…no need for a kiln.
      PMC3 or PMC flex might be good options to try. I bought mine at Rio Grande. Good luck!

  3. Becky Huebner Says:

    Lynda these are absolutely superb! I am so impressed with your workmanship! I am finally done with ,y awful job and a metals class(es) are definitely in my immediate future!! Eventually I’d like to enter some competitions but not for a long long time and a lot of polishing up my skills. 🙂 You were very brave!!!!

    • Happy for the new opportunities that are coming in your future! Congrats, Becky! Hopefully we all have more adventures and more growing down the road. Nice to have good company along the way!

  4. Becky Huebner Says:

    My awful job, I ,meant. 🙂

  5. I’m so envious of you having that kind of opportunity to show your work, and get feedback! We have nothing of the kind at that level (non-professional) over here — I’d certainly have a go if we had! Hope you keep up the courage and do it again next year!

    • Hi, Monica! We shall see. Though having done it once and survived well enough makes it not quite so scary for the next try.

      • …then of course, if it was me, I’d allow myself to have a different opinion to the jury… at least about the finish, if I liked it myself. 😉 They might of course be right about the bezel, and if the aim was a mirror finish, well then it should be, but I sure know THAT is HARD! Maybe that’s why I like a rugged finish better! 😛

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