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And now, back to our regularly scheduled program… July 19, 2015

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So, what have I been up to, jewelry-wise? Here’s a little photo show…

with a few comments  thrown in.

Feathercopper necklace

Texture copper pendant with bone feather

fine silver pendants

Fine silver PMC pendant necklaces, finished on sterling silver chains.

lapis and turquoise earrings

Lapis Lazuli rondelles with turquoise drops, finished with oxidized

sterling silver wire wraps and ear wires.

Mystic brio earrings

Simply lovely Mystic Blue Quartz briolette earrings.

two rings

Czech glass and iridescent Quartz shard rings.

Etched Brass Discs 2

Etched brass discs with oxidized finish.

These last photos are purchases from my trip to a local gem and bead show a month ago.

Kind of sad in light of my last post, right?

The one where I say I’m shedding material possessions.

mystic cubes

Some Mystic Blue Quartz cubes.

three strands

Tiny and gorgeous gems.

Two pearl strands

I love pearls !

two strands

And Labradorite !!  And Iolite !!!

tibet beads

And finally, beads from Nepal…

I’m over-the-moon about these !

Shall I dole out these beauties one or two at a time ?

Or just blow the whole bunch in one amazing, gorgeous piece of jewelry?


11 Responses to “And now, back to our regularly scheduled program…”

  1. Well, I guess you will shed some of those beads eventually, in refined form… They are SO lovely, all of them, but I especially love those grey-blue shades, and the pearls. I’m positively drooling!

    Those already refined — the finished pieces — are gorgeous! I see you have been trying your hand at some pretty advanced wire wrapping (the rings); really neat work! I’m a bit wary to try it at that level — believe it or not, but I tried my hand at wire craft
    (google picture search here, so you can see what I mean! –>
    a number of years back, with extremely disappointing results! (I was after something useful, like a basket…) I’ve since conquered wire to some extent, as you know, but that deep-rooted fear is still there! Kudos to you!

    • Hi, again! I may have to just ‘treasure’ these beads for a bit longer, before I start designing. Sometimes, self-doubting gets in way…can I made something that does them justice? Thanks so much for the wire work link…what an amazing collection of fun and inventive pieces. Beyond my skills, too!

  2. nikkbo Says:

    Lynda, I really enjoy reading your posts. I think I told you before how much I love your style before. Would you mind if I were just a little bit critical of this post? For the first part of your post, your description of each purchase was below the picture. Then, when you came to Some Mystic Blue Quartz cubes you started putting your comments above the picture. It threw me off until I got to the last one and realized what had happened.

    I have no business writing this; you are probably annoyed with me as you read this. I don’t blame you. Should I just delete this and forget about it? I am such a nerd.

    Best wishes & continued success, Nicole

  3. wirednan Says:

    Lynda, your work is stunning! I love absolutely everything you showed in this post ! I always read your blog and have enjoyed watching your style and skills progress. I would describe your style as Elegant. AND your taste in beads is Sublime! I love all that you bought, especially the Nepalese beauties. I would hoard these and play with them regularly! I’m sure whatever you do with them will be perfect!
    p.s. I don’t think that beads and jewelry count as material possessions to minimize….they are the lifeblood to us designers!

  4. Jo-Anne Says:

    They are beautiful…I have made the Nepal Beads into necklaces in the past. My preference is at most 2 colors , and better yet a necklace in each colour (be creative)! I like your taste…especially your perfect wrapping using such a small gauge…kudos! (I am a large gauge girl- I like perfect wraps to look like they came out of the store!—hard on myself!) The crystal cubes are stunning, much fun to be had with wiring your own chain with those!

    • Thank you for stopping by, Jo-Anne! Your ideas are so tempting…one in each color palette! That would mean lots more bead shopping, but is that such a bad idea ???
      Wouldn’t the dark blue beads look gorgeous with a strand of silver and more Lapis Lazulis?

  5. I love the Nepal beads — would love to see them all in one.

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