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On The Fringe… August 1, 2015

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Happy August! I cannot believe how quickly this summer is flying by…Daughters and two of the grandkids will be back in school by August 18th. I’ll be enjoying some one on one time with my favorite kiddos, because their teacher moms go back to work before they start, of course.

Meanwhile, I continue to have a summer fling with fringe. Made a few more with those colorful bead necklaces from the big bead box purchased at Michaels recently. With embroidery floss tassels. They remind me of the pop beads I used to play with as a child…okay, I’ll admit that was back in the Fifties.

Summer Fringes 2

Then I thought this style might be fun with the beads I treasure from my trips to Ghana. I haven’t gotten into my stash of these beautiful recycled glass beads in quite a while. I added in some wooden rounds and flowers for fun and make sure that the finished piece is light weight and comfortable to wear around the neck. Love it! Love the soft teal and red-orange with the brown shades of the wood.

Ghana Fringe 2

And just because I had so much fun digging into this treasure box, I added another of these knotted leather bracelets to my collection. This time with a couple of stamped silver discs and a hammered cross.

ghana bracelet

What are you still dying to do on your fun list before summer is gone?

 Here’s hoping for many lovely, lingering memories!


10 Responses to “On The Fringe…”

  1. Love the knotted bracelet with the cross!

  2. Says:

    Beautiful as usual Sandy

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Cindy Says:

    All so pretty! Just love the long style with the tassels…and the one with the beads from Ghana is my favorite!

    • Morning, Cindy! Thanks for stopping by. The one with the beads from Ghana was a joy to put together and I had a very hard time parting with it when it sold.

      • I can understand it was hard to part with — it looks like just your colors! Yummy, all of them.
        What I wanted to do with the last days of summer? Have some summer weather finally (after the coldest June and July for 50 years), to hang on the beach with the kids and enjoy the garden, pick some berries… which is exactly what I got, and did! Therefore my online absence for nearly two weeks! 😀

      • Can you please send some of your cool breezes this way…we hit 97 degrees today and it’s going to be staying around for a few days more. Glad you had such a great time at the beach with the kiddos! Love summer!

  4. Phew! We do occasionally — and very locally — get that kind of temperatures here, but I think 91 degrees is the warmest I’ve ever experienced at home! (Remember some terribly hot days at a conference in Florida 15 years ago, very far from home… 97 and over, I think.) This summer we’ve been happy to get around 70. But the sunshine and temperature seem to have stuck for another week — not sure where we sent the very cool weather, Siberia I guess… so I’ve even been sitting outside filing, sawing, and polishing bone. 🙂

    • Never tried working outside, but it really seems like it could be a wonderful, inspiring place to work. Love to see you creations with the polished bone! Think I’ll have to try it when it cools down a bit. Temperatures are over 100 the last few days, so staying inside as much as I can with the air conditioning!

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