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Third time is NOT the charm… August 6, 2015

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So here’s the deal…I had great intentions every day this week to go into my jewelry making space and really clean it up. This is a spare bedroom (the daughters are long gone) and I am grateful to have this gift of a place to create, store, and plan. The door can also be closed when my work time is done. It’s also a curse. Like right now. I can hardly think straight when I’m in there with all the mess. Here’s a look…



room 5



Okay this next space isn’t so bad.  Yay, me!

room 3


Basket of stuff from a craft fair set up three months ago.

room 1






room 6

You can see from the last picture that I’ve moved to working on the floor because the tabletop and workbench are ‘unavailable’.

Today, I logically decided to start the clean up on the floor mess and honestly, I did get a bit put away and organized, but darn if I didn’t get an idea for another fringy tassel necklace…I’m like my dog who gets a whiff of a squirrel in the bushes. Distracted again!


beaded fringe 2


beaded fringe



Can I pat myself on the back for at least using up beads

that are on the floor for this necklace?


18 Responses to “Third time is NOT the charm…”

  1. Kathy Zee Says:

    You have me a good laugh today when you posted this. Now i don’t feel so bad looking at my desk and work area. It looks just like your first picture and worse. I have a hard time getting organized especially on my work area. But I can say creative people this is what we do. The necklace looks great and I am sure one of these days you will get organized. Love your items!

  2. Judy Stallings Says:

    Love what you sniffed up. The colors are gorgeous!

  3. Sandy parrott Says:

    Beautiful. And I love the mess

  4. Becky Huebner Says:

    Love the newest tasseled necklace! And my room has yours beat for messiness. I work on the floor a lot, too, same reason, but one excuse is that if you’re using bigger beads the carpet keeps them from rolling around. That makes it a smart thing to be doing. Thought you might need an excuse or another perspective! 🙂

  5. Taylor Smith Says:

    Hi Nanny! I love the necklace and when I come over next week I can totally help you clean up your space!! Love you!!!

  6. Mary B Says:

    I see your area and mine looks the same way lol! If I had to work on the floor, I wouldn’t be able to get myself up off of it! You at least got another beautiful necklace out of cleaning up and I love all the colors.
    Looks like you will have some help next week:-)

    • Hi, Mary! Nice to know there are other creative messes out there! Hmmm…I wonder how many necklaces it would take to get the floor completely clean?
      And yes, absolutely grateful for some delightful help next week!

  7. Terri G. Says:

    You are not alone…thanks for sharing this delightful post!

  8. tdedwards6 Says:

    Creativity does not run in a straight line.
    Quite by me.
    I love organized chaos myself. And music, of course. It helps the brain stay on course. :-). Love the necklace!

  9. I’m a bit disappointed in your mess — it’s so tidy! 😀 Only the table feels somewhat familiar… You would just need another piece of furniture of some kind to get that stuff under the window off the floor! (I went shopping “pieces of undetermined furniture” for stacking “clothes in use but not dirty” on yesterday — came back with a narrow shelf and a basket drawer thingy; therefore my obsession with storage furniture… 😉 ) I would need a piece of furniture to stack my boxes in an accessible way too, but I’ve run out of floor space — or I would probably have to reorganize the whole room, moving my fabric and sewing stash (HUGE) somewhere else. Ouch. Envious of your light mess… And yes, very bright and fun necklace you found there on your floor!

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