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I haven’t been a total slacker this summer… September 5, 2015

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While it’s been a pretty laid back summer in the jewelry making department, but I haven’t been a total slacker. There’s a second collection to my business that I enjoy creating…making dessert/cookie/cupcake/snack/whatever pedestals from thrift store, dollar store, and clearance shelf orphans. Going on the hunt for these has been great fun. Love to mix and match plates, bowls, candle sticks, and coffee mugs to make unique one of a kind pieces.  These are wonderful for bridal showers, Mother’s Day, Auntie’s birthday, a house warming, or a thoughtful hostess gift. I love the idea of taking one of these filled with cookies to a party and telling the hostess to keep the stand as a thank you.

CP 1







The only difficulty is that I’ve pretty much doubled my booth space to sell both the jewelry and these pedestals. And they are a real bear to carefully pack for transport…using up almost every bath and beach towel I own.

That said, I’m still head over heels in  love with them!


2 Responses to “I haven’t been a total slacker this summer…”

  1. Sarajo Wentling Says:

    These are so fun. I keep thinking that I should try to make one or two to add to my jewelry display for sales… I think they would be really great for bracelets especially. I’m totally dying for the last one you picture with the red poppy and the black and white polka dots! So cute!!

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