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Making progress… September 26, 2015

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This showing up business, if even for an hour or two, seems to be working for me this week. Today, I checked on inventory at one of the stores that sells my work in preparation for the big Oktoberfest celebration (is that redundant?) next weekend.

Added a few things and polished up the pieces to look shiny and nice.

At home, I made my first dip into the ‘remake’ bowl and took out a pretty pair of stamped sterling hoops…not terribly big, about quarter sized. I love these, something I would wear, but for some reason, no sale. So I decided to add a bit of something extra. Some gorgeous Mystic Blue Quartz cubes…that denim blue that is so hard to find in any other stone. Wired with some handmade fine silver head pins. Love!


Mystic blue in hoops


Next, just because I still had these deep red seed beads and turquoise rondelles on my bench from yesterday’s work, I put together these sweet feathery earrings. Pretty sure you’re going to be seeing more of those thin stamped pewter tubes from me. I picked up a bag of them on our travels in the Northwest. Love!!


You may not notice, but I tend to (always) photograph my earrings pretty straight forward with the right one lower than the left one. My attempt at being artsy with the camera. I recently read a blog post that suggested that earrings should be ‘posed’ like they are having a conversation with each other…so here’s my attempt with that.


silver feathers 2


     “So, an earring walks into a bar, and says to the bartender…”

                    If you’re brave or silly enough, I’d love to hear you finish the joke !





6 Responses to “Making progress…”

  1. Kathy Zee Says:

    “So, an earring walks into a bar, and says to the bartender…, Hey Bartender, I am wired but I need one more”

    I know its stupid but its all I could think of….-Kathy

  2. Ellen Miller Says:

    Hey bartender, your lobe or mine?

  3. Lynn Carling Says:

    So, an earring walks into a bar and says…I’ll have a glass of chardonnay while I wait for my mate! (I know, I know…kind of corny!) By the way Kathy, I love both pairs of earrings but did you make those lovely silver hoops with the stamped design? So pretty.

    • That’s a really good one, Lynn! Love it! And I did make the hoops last year with 18 gauge wire. Used a metal stamp for the design. Nice thing is that the stamping helps disguise any imperfections in my soldering.

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