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Riffing on Red September 28, 2015

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      Pleased as punch to receive my new order from Lima Beads…they have some of the best selections of recycled glass beads and pendants…those luminous faux beach glass pretties. Gorgeous colors and huge variety of shapes and sizes.

      I love these long pendant drops. Can’t choose a favorite, but was thrilled when I noticed that the red ones went perfectly with the tiny glass seed beads I’ve been using lately.

long glass drops

               Here’s another look at my new favorite color combo…red and turquoise.

Long red glass

Long red glass set

     Last is a look at an experiment from yesterday…trying to tin the tops of some beads. Not happy with the results and sad that I lost a few beads in my efforts.  While I’m attracted to silver tinning in jewelry, I find it immensely frustrating to execute well.

  The one on the left may end up on a long chain…not sure about the blue glass yet.  Hmmm…may try putting these two orphans together in a necklace.

Tinning Tops


2 Responses to “Riffing on Red”

  1. Sue Goodloe Says:

    Really enjoy your comments and that you admit to having your failures just like the rest of us.

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